NEW SINGLES OF 2017 (Part 2)

So…not so long as two years (between the first ‘new singles’ post and the second), so I guess that is a plus. But really, on a serious note, 2017 so far has had a flurry of great new songs. Therefore, another ‘New Singles of 2017’ post is fitting right? Here in the posts before, I have highlighted 5 songs that I reckon will peak in radio, as well as impact listeners far and wide. In the previous post, I decided to focus on “Even If”, the poignant radio single from the ever-reliable MercyMe, “Tears”, the piano prominent acoustic melody from former Sanctus Real frontman Matt Hammitt, “This We Know”, from Kristian Stanfill and the Passion Worship team (originally famous on Vertical Church Band’s Frontiers way back in July 2016), “Run The Race”, from Holly Starr, quite possibly one of the most underrated young female artists of tomorrow’s generation, as well as “All That Matters”, the chart-topping track from Colton Dixon (also one of my favourite songs of 2017 as well!). So, here I am, a little over 1 month later, posting another ‘new singles of 2017’ post…what are these next 5 songs, that I reckon will become hits in weeks and even months to come? (aside from “Even If”, which I reckon is my favourite song of 2017 thus far, and a song by MercyMe that ought to have as much emotion and impact as songs like “God With Us” and “I Can Only Imagine”!) Well, read on to find out! Which songs will you pick up when they become available on iTunes?

Throne Room (Kim Walker-Smith) (from On My Side releasing April 21st)- With her new album releasing in April 2017, Kim Walker-Smith’s new song is sure to keep us all anticipated and interested until mid-April when the album drops. Now we all know Kim from Jesus Culture, and her famous songs like “Rooftops”, “Show Me Your Glory”, “Never Gonna Stop Singing”, “In the River” or “Alive in You”, to name a few. So what does “Throne Room” sound like? You know like every other Jesus Culture song where Kim is lead singer? It sounds like those songs. No that’s not a criticism, but rather this is a compliment. It is because of Kim and Chris’s proven formula over the years that has grown Jesus Culture’s influence. So with Kim’s new track sounding like it could’ve easily slot into Jesus Culture’s new album Let it Echo and no one would’ve noticed, is a good thing. It reminds us of the proven music and lyrical style that has continued to make Jesus Culture one of today’s most encouraging and impacting worship movements. “Throne Room” continues on from where Let it Echo left off. Want to hear more? Check out the lyric video below.

Unfinished (Mandisa) (from Out of the Dark releasing May 19th)- Behind Britt Nicole (who had a 4 year 7 month hiatus between albums- prior to her self titled album that released in October 2016, her previous album, Gold, released March 2012!) and Nichole Nordeman (10 years between Brave and The Unmaking!), Mandisa’s ‘comeback’ if you will, would be one of the most talked about in months and maybe even year’s to come! Since releasing her chart topping 2013 album Overcomer, there was radio silence, literally. Now 3 and a half years later, we are given just a glimpse into her life between then and now, and this song “Unfinished” is the jist of what happened during her time away from music. “Unfinished” is sung in traditional ‘Mandisa’ fashion, so if you have enjoyed her previous material, like I have, then this song will be right up your alley.

Awakening (John Waller) (from TBA releasing TBA 2017) Well, your guess is as good as mine, when the new album from John Waller is coming out. After such a successful few years with his well-received Crazy Faith album that released in 2015, we as listeners and fans of John’s material are eagerly anticipating his brand new album. While we may have to wait a little while longer, what we don’t have to wait for is a new song…about Jesus of course! But this new song ‘Awakening’ is also about something else that is different and unique, something that hasn’t really been sung much before in Christian music- coffee. Its such a weird thing to sing about Jesus and coffee, and thus compare one to the other. Yet John does it, and does it well. Standing at only 2:48, this song that’s acoustic guitar driven, alongside his trademark enthusiastic voice, John invites us to drink from the Everlasting Father and delve deep into His Word, something that will give us the energy and kick far more than a coffee can do! Now if you enjoyed Crazy Faith like I have, then “Awakening” will sure to be on your Spotify playlist for months to come!

God Who Moves the Mountains (Jaci Velasquez) (from Trust releasing March 31st)- after a hiatus of 5 years (Diamond released in 2012), Jaci Velasquez is yet another artist whose new album releasing at the end of the March is much anticipated. With her first radio single from the album “God Who Moves the Mountains”, we see a song that has to potential to be as big as “Good Good Father” was a few years ago. And I really, really mean this. Written by David Leonard of All Sons and Daughters, Dustin Smith and Richie Fike; Jaci has delivered a rousing anthem that is ministering to people around the world, but more so, in her own life with her son, Soren, 7, who is diagnosed with Autism. And just like how this song has ministered to Jaci personally, here’s hoping it’ll impact whomever listens as we are reminded that ‘…the rocks are falling, the broken calling to the God who moves the mountains, the earth is shaking, the weary waken to the God who moves the mountains…’

Bloom (Radio Version) (Grayson Reed) (from Walk EP, 2nd single ‘Bloom’ impacting radio March 31st)- I didn’t really pick the song ‘Bloom’ to be a radio single from the pop husband-wife duo Grayson Reed. Maybe a song like “Can’t Get Enough” or “Be Revealed”, but a song that was originally written with their daughter Grailey in mind? Never in a million years did I think that this 2:48 track would see the word ‘single’ attached to it. Not that I don’t like the song, I do, but sometimes you can think you know what a single could be on the album/EP, and then when it comes for a new single to be released, you find you were wrong all along. That’s how it was with “Bloom”. Still, as I listen to the song more and more, the more I reckon Centricity Music and the team behind and managing Grayson Reed got it spot on. A song that was written by Mike and Molly for their daughter, “Bloom” and its message can be applicable for all of us- that more often than not; life doesn’t work out how we all want it to, but rather, it’s the difficult times that shape us more as a person, to bloom out of difficulty and uncertainty. With the whole musical landscape reshaped and reimagined to present a more ‘radio friendly’ atmosphere, this new arrangement of an already impactful song is what I reckon that’ll continue to bring the new duo to the front and centre as the year of 2017 continues to roll on. Just as “Fight For You” was impactful for people struggling with their relationships and marriage, ‘Bloom’ will be a reminder for anyone who is struggling to make the best out of a bad situation. God will use whatever we experience for our good and His glory, and hopefully, “Bloom” encourages us all through this!

Which songs out of the 5 have you enjoyed thus far? Which songs/albums are you excited for in the upcoming weeks and months ahead? Let us know in the comments. Til next time.

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