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Joshua Andre’s Best Of 2014 (Part 3: Movies And TV Shows)


Have you read the first two posts of my best of list here and here? Anxious to know my top TV shows and movies of 2014? Well, it’s time for me to show you all the third part of my list. After much deliberation (apologies for the long gap between the last instalment and this part), here is my list of favourite TV shows and movies of 2014. To try to make this post succinct and not to ramble on in any description or synopsis of the show or movie, I will list the show or movie, as well as the season, and a trailer of the show if possible (for the show) and a trailer (for the movie) as well. So sit back and read on. Let me know what your favourite shows and movies are!

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Mom’s Night Out

Distributed by TriStar Pictures

Opening Release Date: May 9th 2014

Reviewed by Jonathan Andre

Mom’s Night Out– Starring Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin, Trace Adkins, Andrea Logan White, Abbie Cobb, Robert Amaya, Kevin Downes, Alex Kendrick

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