Thomas Rhett – Things Dads Do (Single)

Big Machine Label Group

Release Date: June 16th 2021

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Thomas Rhett– Things Dads Do (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Things Dads Do

Country music hasn’t always been my go-to music genre- for inspiration, encouragement, or just a genre to pick me up when I’m feeling down or discouraged or overwhelmed. As far back as I can remember, I had been immersed (and I mean really immersed!) in CCM- and it was only until 2019 that I really, fully and actively branched out into listening to other types of music- in essence when I started to blog about up and coming influential artists. Now one of the genres that I have really found to have resonated with over the past year and a half (essentially since COVID-19 and since we’ve all had a lot more time on our hands!) is in fact country music (11 of the 41 artists we’ve written about thus far are in fact country artists)…and you can read any number of country reviews I’ve written in the past. While lockdown and quarantine (our family voluntarily went into self-quarantine all of April last year!) was indeed a challenge and something that I needed to adjust to; what I did find was my musical tastes expanding beyond the confines of CCM and worship. Not that Christian music is bad, but if you limit God to only speaking through the obvious overt melodies about and to Jesus… then I guess you’ll miss out on all of the ways God chooses to speak to us via different avenues. Yet it was this year that I’ve made more of an effort to check out country albums (even though I’m not American and don’t really understand some of the country traditions that are referenced in most country songs!), including albums from Carrie Underwood (My Savior), Thomas Rhett (Country Again: Side A) and Florida Georgia Line (Life Rolls On). It was in fact Country Again: Side A from Thomas, that cemented my enjoyment for country music this year, of which the album was a collection of vulnerable, emotional, personal, relatable and inspiring songs- and one of the most impressive and standout albums of the year thus far. Now, inspired by this year’s recent Father’s Day; Thomas Rhett is back with a brand new single. “Things Dad’s Do” may not be included on any future album, but this ode and shoutout to Thomas’s dad, is beautifully sung, vulnerable, emotional and honest. Simply one of the most heartfelt and thought-provoking songs of this year thus far!

If you want to know about Thomas Rhett and long to read about his history and how he made his start in music… this ‘review’ isn’t it. Because if you want to read about that, you can just read my blog. And now that we’ve got that out of the way… let’s say that “Things Dad’s Do”, the acoustic guitar driven ballad, is just as vulnerable and honest as any song from this year. As Thomas eloquently and fervently relays to us the somewhat embarrassing and thoughtful and frustrating and appreciative things that dads do generally, we get the sense that he is championing dads everywhere, that Thomas is giving praise to all of the dads trying their best, and travelling on this road called life with their children. An emotional melody whereby Thomas subtly relays the importance of dads as well; we are glimpsed into the mind of a father- and are also encouraged to thank our dad for helping us in our day to day life. if there’s ever been a time to thank our dads… this year should be it. And “Things Dads Do” is a perfect way to start celebrating dads if we haven’t already.

Thomas Rhett is still one of the most polarising acts in country music. I blogged about him a while back, and the consensus amongst the public is still divided. Is he pop? Is he country? Is he a faker and a poser, or is he the real deal? A number of songs that Thomas has released over the years, inclusive of “Die A Happy Man” and “Life Changes”, have resonated with me and have hit my soul on a very deep level- basically because of the deep meaning and the story behind the songs that is so personal to him. Even Thomas’s duet with Chris Tomlin – “God Who Listens” – and the 5-artist collaboration and inspirational tune “Be A Light” are both hopeful and poignant- and well worth the spins. Yet Country Again: Side A took Thomas’s songwriting craft and his delivery of such personal and emotional messages to yet another level, and has me respecting him all the more. “Things Dads Do” continues this trend, and showcases Thomas as a current and future star- and no doubt these melodies will be some of my favourites of the year come December time. Thomas Rhett’s new album isn’t indicative at all of the feeble effort of the underwhelming “What’s Your Country Song”. And so apart from that hiccup, Country Again: Side A soars and makes me want to feel… country- even though I’m not American! “Things Dads Do” makes me want to feel country as well- so how about all of you? Are you excited to hear “Things Dads Do”? Remember, Side B is coming later on this year… so let us be immersed in some Thomas Rhett– and marvel at one of today’s most popular country acts and God working through him!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Dan + Shay, Florida Georgia Line, Chris Tomlin, Hunter Hayes, MercyMe, Danny Gokey

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