Phil Wickham – This is Our God (Single)

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Release Date: January 13th 2023

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Phil Wickham This is Our God (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. This is Our God

Phil Wickham has always been one of my favourite worship artists, over the past decade or so. Since 2003 when he unveiled his debut album Give You the World, Phil has given to us powerful singles after powerful singles- ‘Grace’, ‘Divine Romance’, ‘After Your Heart’, ‘Safe’, ‘I’ll Always Love You’, ‘At Your Name’, ‘This is Amazing Grace’, ‘Glory’, ‘Living Hope’, ‘My All In All’, ‘Your Love Awakens Me’ and ‘Till I Found You’, to name a few. In a general sense, Phil has always had a knack at giving to us, great albums, period. From albums like his most recent full length studio album, 2021’s Hymn of Heaven (alongside 2022’s Hymn of Heaven (Acoustic), an acoustic re-recording of Phil’s powerful 2021 album), to the album that got me into the fandom, Response, as well as his chart-topping The Ascension and 2018’s Living Hope, Phil’s powerful and distinct voice cuts through all the cookie-cutter CCM that seems to seep through; and brings it home to be a reminder that great music artists still exist within the realms of CCM.

Phil’s been an artist that we have covered heavily on our site, and most recently, we reviewed Phil’s Christmas single ‘Behold’ here. Now a month on, we see Phil unveil something new and exciting, unique, powerful, and enjoyable- it may be from a potential forthcoming album, or it could just be a standalone single. Whichever the case, Phil’s new song ‘This is Our God’ is one of my favourites of 2023 thus far. A song that reminds us of who Christ is and who we are in light of that; ‘This is Our God’ is a great reminder for anyone this January season, that our God that we serve and declare worthy of our praise, is not distant nor far away. He is right here with us, and working in our lives more often than we may think. ‘This is Our God’ continues to remind us of how much of a powerful singer-songwriter Phil himself is, as he continues to assert himself to become a great worship artist alternative, for anyone who wants to listen to something else, other than Bethel, Elevation Worship or Hillsong. Well done Phil for such a powerful worship song. Maybe another full-length album in the future. Quite possible.

‘…I am so thankful that when I sing to the God Jesus Christ, I am not singing to some distant being far off, but I am singing to a God who came close, who came to save us and to rescue us. When we sing about our God, we sing about a God who loves without condition, who gives grace to the sinner, who saves the one who calls out, who pulls people out of the pit and brings them into his heavenly kingdom. This is our God. A God who saves, a God who redeems, a God who makes beauty from ashes, and a God who renews. This is our manifesto. I cannot wait to sing this song with the church. This is our God…’

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Kristian Stanfill, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Tim Hughes

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