Moriah Peters – Brave


Provident Label Group

Release Date: July 15th, 2014

Reviewed by: Emily Kjonaas

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The ever-lovely Moriah Peters is back with her much-anticipated sophomore record. Produced by Seth Mosley (also producer of Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline albums) and husband Joel Smallbone (from the band for King & Country). Along with pop beats and beautiful instrumentals, Moriah showcases her amazing voice in Brave.

This album is a definite storytelling of its namesake. Brave is released after many changes for this 21 year old including a marriage and an illness. It is also a response to a very human feeling that is hard to escape from, for anyone: fear. An early favorite of mine from this album is track 2, “(O Fear) My God Is Near”. It’s a song that can be a reminder to us all that fear has no sting, and that God carries us through everything we may fear. Some poignant lyrics from this song are a reminder to not allow fear to rule our lives: ‘o fear, you’ll never keep me here; I hear freedom calling; I feel my chains fallin’; I see Jesus comin’; you’ll never keep me here; I know my God is near’.

Another favorite is track 4: “You Carry Me”. This song has already had some serious airtime on the radio. As you can guess from its name this is a song about how God carries us through every good moment of our lives, and every battle we face. Moriah wrote this song after being inspired by the popular poem “Footprints in the Sand”. Both that poem and this song serve as a reminder, that indeed, ‘every moment of my life, God you never left my side…I don’t need to know what’s next, you’ll be with me every step’.

Near the end of Brave is a cover of the ever-popular Jeremy Camp song “Give Me Jesus”. Moriah’s take on this song is simply beautiful and finishes out Brave (in front of another version of the title track featuring Andy Mineo). One can guess that she put it on this album to serve as a reminder that all we need in life is Jesus. That He can take everything we have, whether it’s bad or even if it is good, because Jesus is all we need. That our hope can be found in Jesus. That only He can make us Brave.

Score: 3.5/5

Track List:

  1. Brave
  2. (O Fear) My God Is Near
  3. To Leave It All Behind
  4. You Carry Me
  5. Stand Strong
  6. I’ll Wait For You
  7. Don’t Want To Live For Me
  8. Born To Be Free
  9. Waterfall
  10. Give Me Jesus
  11. Brave (featuring Andy Mineo)


3 thoughts on “Moriah Peters – Brave”

  1. There’s this sweet beautiful new sound I love in the Brave album and I am super excited. I’m thinking Moriah made the best decision by including Joel(her husband) as one of the producers of her album. It has an FK&C sound to it and it’s awesome. This is one of the best albums in 2014 and it makes want to be brave. I am so #TEAMMoriah #TeamBRAVE. 🙂 Well done Moriah.

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