Brandon Lake – This Is A Move (Single)

Bethel Music

Release Date: July 5th 2019

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Brandon Lake– This Is A Move (Single) (iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. This Is A Move
  2. This Is A Move (Live)
  3. This Is A Move (Live Video)

Bethel Music, as a label and as a church, has housed many successful and poignant solo worship artists over the years- Brian & Jenn Johnson, Corey Asbury, Amanda Cook, Jonathan & Melissa Helser, Steffany Gretzinger, Kristine DiMarco, Josh Baldwin and Jeremy Riddle are the artists that immediately come to my mind, and are probably the most popular and well respected. Just this year, Bethel signed husband and wife duo Paul & Hannah McClure (who are releasing an album later on this year which we will be reviewing!), while probably the most vibrant and energetic of Bethel’s newest ‘recruits’ would be Brandon Lake. Though not really a household name yet, I believe that Brandon has released this year’s “Reckless Love”. Yep, I am that bold in my predictions!

A few weeks ago, Brandon unveiled “This Is A Move” to us all. And boy did we move and praise Jesus with total abandonment! Though the track is simple lyrically and musically, there’s so much power here- and immediately when I heard this song (both Brandon’s version and the equally stirring and powerful cover from Tasha Cobbs Leonard!), I couldn’t help but to just stop whatever else I was doing, and instead close my eyes and let God and the Holy Spirit move and do their thing- like in the song ‘…come and do what You do…’. Though you might probably want me to explain more about the song, and speak about the mechanics or how it sounds…I don’t think I can do that, nor will I. “There Is A Move” is bigger than any one artist, and I reckon it needs to be heard by each one of you to fully grasp the vision of Brandon- that God moves in each one of us all the time and in different ways, and we just need to be open to God moving in our lives in ways we can’t imagine by earthly standards. A song of revival, I reckon this song will be BIG in the coming months. And hopefully years!

Brandon Lake may not be popular right now in CCM and the worship market. But this song ensures that his song is at least circulating the globe, and people can hear the wonder of “There Is A Move”. What is next for Brandon, you say? Probably his debut album. But until that time, we can press repeat on “There Is A Move” several times. I guarantee you, it will be worth the effort of listening through the entire 7 minute duration!

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Mack Brock, London Gatch, All Sons And Daughters, Crowder, Delirious?

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