As you can see from the picture above (of which I sourced from Integrity Direct), the WOW Hits 2018 cover has officially been released…therefore the track listing for it shouldn’t be that far behind. We already know six artists that are certainties on the WOW compilation- Casting Crowns, TobyMac, Natalie Grant, Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin and for KING AND COUNTRY. So let us have a crack at guessing the other 33. So without further ado, here below is my final predictions for WOW Hits 2018 (Deluxe Edition). Feel free to comment below. Happy predicting (I fully expect the WOW Hits 2018 Deluxe Edition track list to be revealed sometime this coming week!).

WOW Hits 2018:

Disc 1:

  1. Home (Chris Tomlin)
  2. Oh My Soul (Casting Crowns)
  3. Broken Things (Matthew West)
  4. Your Love Defends Me (Matt Maher)
  5. What a Beautiful Name (Hillsong Worship)
  6. Even If (MercyMe)
  7. More Than Conquerors (Steven Curtis Chapman)
  8. Clean (Natalie Grant)
  9. The Comeback (Danny Gokey)
  10. Come To the Table (Sidewalk Prophets)
  11. Open Hands (Laura Story)
  12. Let Your Glory Fall (Kari Jobe)
  13. Glorious Day (feat. Kristian Stanfill) (Passion)
  14. I Will Rise Again (Jason Gray)
  15. Whole Heart (Brandon Heath)
  16. NOW (Mallary Hope) BONUS
  17. Higher (For All Seasons) BONUS
  18. Bloom (Grayson Reed) BONUS DELUXE
  19. Never Been a Moment (Micah Tyler) BONUS DELUXE
  20. Radiate (Hannah Kerr) BONUS DELUXE

Disc 2:

  1. The Cure (Unspoken)
  2. Love Broke Thru (TobyMac)
  3. The Cross Has the Final Word (feat. Peter Furler) (Newsboys)
  4. Forgiven (Crowder)
  5. Beloved (Jordan Feliz)
  6. All That Matters (Colton Dixon)
  7. I Have This Hope (Tenth Avenue North)
  8. Can’t Live Without (Hollyn)
  9. Hard Love (feat. Lauren Daigle) (needtobreathe)
  10. Unfinished (Mandisa)
  11. Bulletproof (Citizen Way)
  12. Revival (Third Day)
  13. It is Well (Finding Favour)
  14. The Gospel (Ryan Stevenson)
  15. Old Church Choir (Zach Williams)
  16. Hills and Valleys (Tauren Wells) BONUS
  18. Be The Change (Britt Nicole) BONUS DELUXE
  19. O God Forgive Us (feat. KB) (for KING AND COUNTRY) BONUS DELUXE

There it is- our final predictions for WOW Hits 2018. Comment below, and come back later on this week (hopefully) to see the official track listing of WOW Hits 2018. We’ll post a review of the album shortly, as well as the ten songs that we thought should’ve been in the album but wasn’t. Til next time.


  1. Disc 1
    1. Lifer- MercyMe
    2. Home- Chris Tomlin
    3. Mercy Is A Song- Matthew West
    4. Bulletproof- Citizen Way
    5. Unfinished- Mandisa
    6. King of the World- Natalie Grant
    7. Glory (Let There Be Peace)- Matt Maher
    8. One Step Away- Casting Crowns
    9. The Comeback- Danny Gokey
    10. The Gospel- Ryan Stevenson
    11. Radiate- Hannah Kerr
    12. Come To The Table- Sidewalk Prophets
    13. Whole Heart- Brandon Heath
    14. I Will Rise Again- Jason Gray
    15. Never Been A Moment- Micah Tyler
    16. Holy Holy Holy- Becca Bradley (BONUS)
    17. Never Giving Up On You- Matthew Parker (BONUS DELUXE)
    18. What A Beautiful Name- Hillsong Worship (BONUS DELUXE)
    19. Bloom- Grayson Reed (BONUS DELUXE)

    Disc 2
    1. Intro 2- NF
    2. The Cure- Unspoken
    3. Move (Keep Walkin’)- tobyMac
    4. O God Forgive Us (ft. KB)- for KING and COUNTRY
    5. Love Won’t Let Me Down- Hillsong Young and Free
    6. Love Is On Our Side- Capital Kings
    7. Can’t Live Without- Hollyn
    8. I’ll Find You (ft. Tori Kelly)- Lecrae
    9. Never Too Far Gone- Jordan Feliz
    10. Eyes of A Believer- The Afters
    11. All That Matters- Colton Dixon
    12. Hard Love (ft. Lauren Daigle)- needtobreathe
    13. Revival- Third Day
    14. Old Church Choir- Zach Williams
    15. The Cross Has The Final Word (ft. Peter Furler)- Newsboys
    16. Closer (ft. RobbieLee and Julissa Leilana)- GAWVI (BONUS)
    17. Hills and Valleys- Tauren Wells (BONUS)
    18. Run Devil Run- Crowder (BONUS DELUXE)
    19. Be The Change- Britt Nicole (BONUS DELUXE)
    20. Unstoppable (ft. Jordan Feliz)- Matty Mullins (BONUS DELUXE)

  2. WOW Hits 2018 (Deluxe Edition)
    Disc One
    1. MercyMe – Even If
    2. Chris Tomlin – Home
    3. Hillsong Worship – What a Beautiful Name (Radio Edit)
    4. Danny Gokey – Rise
    5. Hillary Scott & The Scott Family – Thy Will
    6. Zach Williams – Old Church Choir
    7. Casting Crowns – Oh My Soul
    8. Micah Tyler – Never Been a Moment
    9. Big Daddy Weave – The Lion and the Lamb
    10. Natalie Grant – King of the World
    11. Aaron Shust – Ever Be
    12. Matthew West – Broken Things
    13. Elevation Worship – O Come to the Altar (Radio Version)
    14. Citizen Way – Bulletproof
    15. Francesca Battistelli – Giants Fall
    16. Tauren Wells – Hills and Valleys (Bonus)
    17. Mallory Hope – Now (Bonus)
    18. Brandon Heath – Whole Heart (Bonus Deluxe)
    19. Kutless – King of My Heart (Bonus Deluxe)
    20. The Afters – Battles (Bonus Deluxe)

    Disc Two
    1. tobyMac – Love Broke Thru
    2. for KING & COUNTRY – Priceless
    3. Ryan Stevenson – Eye of the Storm (feat. GabeReal) [Radio Edit]
    4. Tenth Avenue North – I Have This Hope
    5. Mandisa – Unfinished
    7. one sonic society – Great Are You Lord
    8. Lauren Daigle – Come Alive (Dry Bones)
    9. We Are Messengers – Magnify
    10. Jordan Feliz – Beloved
    11. Crowder – My Victory
    12. Unspoken – The Cure
    13. David Dunn – I Wanna Go Back
    14. Jeremy Camp – Word of Life
    15. Hillsong UNITED – Wonder
    16. Jasmine Murray – Fearless (Bonus)
    17. Colton Dixon – All That Matters (Bonus Deluxe)
    18. Skillet – Stars (Bonus Deluxe)
    19. Britt Nicole – Be the Change (Radio Version) [Bonus Deluxe]

    Disc 1
    1. What A Beautiful Name- Hillsong Worship
    2. Chain Breaker- Zach Williams
    3. Home- Chris Tomlin
    4. Oh My Soul- Casting Crowns
    5. Thy Will- Hillary Scott and the Scott Family
    6. The Lion and the Lamb- Big Daddy Weave
    7. Broken Things- Matthew West
    8. I Have This Hope- Tenth Avenue North
    9. King of the World- Natalie Grant
    10. Great Are You Lord- one sonic society
    11. Word of Life- Jeremy Camp
    12. Let Your Glory Fall- Kari Jobe
    13. Your Love Defends Me- Matt Maher
    14. Giants Fall- Francesca Battistelli
    15. Come To The Table- Sidewalk Prophets
    16. Now- Mallary Hope (B)
    17. Revival (Radio Mix)- Third Day (BD)
    18. Glorious Day (ft. Kristian Stanfill)- Passion (BD)
    19. Whole Heart- Brandon Heath (BD)
    MISSING: Radiate- Hannah Kerr, Even If- MercyMe, More Than Conquerors- Steven Curtis Chapman

    Disc 2
    1. Priceless- for KING and COUNTRY
    2. Stars- Skillet
    3. Love Broke Thru- tobyMac
    4. Testify- NEEDTOBREATHE
    5. Come Alive (Dry Bones)- Lauren Daigle
    6. Eye of the Storm (ft. GabeReal)- Ryan Stevenson
    7. Wonder- UNITED
    8. Hills and Valleys- Tauren Wells
    9. Unfinished- Mandisa
    10. Rise- Danny Gokey
    11. Beloved- Jordan Feliz
    12. Magnify- We Are Messengers
    13. Through Your Eyes- Britt Nicole
    14. Forgiven- Crowder
    15. O Come To The Altar- Elevation Worship
    16. Tremble (Radio Mix)- Mosaic MSC (B)
    17. The Cross Has The Final Word- Cody Carnes (B)
    18. Throne Room- Kim Walker-Smith (BD)
    19. Ever Be- Aaron Shust (BD)
    20. All That Matters- Colton Dixon (BD)
    Missing: Walking Like Giants- Stars Go Dim, The Cure- Unspoken, I Wanna Go Back- David Dunn

  4. Hey guys, I know you all love speculation but as Danny said, WOW Hits 2018 official track list is out via I’ve written a review of the album and you can check it all out here-

    Enjoy reading. Tomorrow we will upload top 10 songs that missed out on being on WOW Hits 2018, followed by 20 songs we think should be at least considered for WOW Hits 2019… (2 separate posts). Stay tuned!

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