Worship Wednesdays: Delirious?’ “The Happy Song”!


It’s time for a new Worship Wednesdays post, so let’s delve deep into the past, and take a look at an upbeat, danceable worship anthem from Delirious?.

I will always have a soft spot for Delirious?. When I was a teenager, there were many instances where I was comforted and my faith strengthened from listening to Martin Smith belt out songs like “History Maker”, “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever”, “My Glorious” and “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble”. In fact even years after the British band retired; Delirious? is still my favourite band ever. Regardless of how many years go by since their last album in 2010, the 5 piece British worship band will always hold a special place in my heart. Though many worship bands have entered since then, and have succeeded, none of them will have the impact on my life that Delirious? And seeing how Martin Smith has a new single out right now, called “There’s A River”, I thought it would be good to talk about a favourite Delirious? song of mine.

One of the more lesser known tracks in their extensive discography, “Happy Song” is often overlooked in terms of accessibility and impact on people’s lives, in favour of singles and fan favourites like “History Maker”, “Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble”, “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever”, “My Glorious”, “Majesty”, “Rain Down”, “Obsession”, “Our God Reigns” and “Deeper”. However if you stop and take a listen to the song, guaranteed it’ll move you as you think about the message and themes behind the track.

Led by the banjo, vibrant acoustic guitar, and plenty of harmonica and accordion, this jovial, energetic and bouncy pop tune fervently declares the truth of the gospel, in a way that everyone can understand. As Martin brilliantly reminds us that as Christians, our testimony should be passionately proclaimed to all who will listen, as an outward expression of God’s love for us, drawing people into God’s presence; it’s definitely hard not to be joyful and happy here, as this track is full of life and brimming with optimism. One of the truly most underrated Delirious? songs, this track is perfect for worshipping in the presence of the Almighty Father. I was just listening to this track just the other day, and my mouth unconsciously went into a grin, that’s how much joy and cheerfulness God has placed over the song!

As the bridge says; it’s time for us to celebrate and be happy, as we sing praises to our God, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the song, and marvel at the fact that Delirious? Never formerly announced their retirement, just that they’re taking a break!

Everybody’s singin’ now
‘Cause we’re so happy

Everybody’s dancin’ now
‘Cause we’re so happy

If only we could see Your face
And see You smilin’ over us
As unseen Angels celebrate
‘Cause joy’s in this place

Which worship song from Delirious? Is your favourite? Let us know in the comments! Til next time!


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