Top Twenty Artists And Songs That Should Be Present On WOW Hits 2018!

Welcome to the latest installment of our most recent blog series Top Tens. Last time, we unveiled 10 artists and songs that in our opinion should have been included on the official WOW Hits 2017 track listing, but weren’t. This time, on this special post, and in keeping with a similar theme, I will take an educated guess and list 20 songs that should be shoe-ins for WOW Hits 2018 (key word- should… I wrote a similar post last year and only 4 out of the 20 made it on WOW Hits 2017!). Some songs have released, so audio slides/lyric videos/music videos/song stories will be below, but others haven’t been released yet and I am just predicting based on the artist. Will these tracks be there in a year’s time? Only time will tell.

1. Matthew West – Mended- It’s the follow up single to Matthew’s smash hit “Grace Wins”- and because I haven’t heard much of Matthew writing in the studio for the next album, why wouldn’t this song be included?

2. The Afters – Battles- The current single from Josh Havens and his friends depicts how we as Christians need not fear our current situations or predicaments, as the Lord is fighting our battles for us. Though the album is 3 and a half years in the making; with the band’s popularity and critical acclaim from previous songs, I would not expect anything less than this song being on WOW Hits 2018!

3. For KING & Country – Ceasefire- Yeah, I know that it means that “Priceless” won’t be present on a WOW Hits, however this uplifting melody about building each other up, and uniting, resulting in us loving our enemies; thoroughly deserves a place on next year’s WOW Hits, particularly as the song is sure to be bigger when the film Ben-Hur releases in a few weeks!

4. Jordan Feliz – Never Too Far Gone- “The River” from Jordan took us all by surprise in terms of how much it was loved and received by the public, and the newest single “Never Too Far Gone” hopefully will resonate positively by fans as well. Though probably a bit dated when it comes to this time next year, I still reckon it’ll be well deserving.

5. Newsboys – You Hold It All (Every Mountain)- After the success of Newsboys’ hit single “Guilty”, in preparation for the movie God’s Not Dead 2, the Aussie quartet have dropped their latest single in “You Hold It All (Every Mountain)”, even recording an exclusive remix version for CCM Magazine subscribers. What do you think of the Travis Ryan cover?

6. Crowder – Run Devil Run- Crowder’s sophomore release as a solo artist, titled American Prodigal, drops September 23rd, and I reckon this in-your-face inspiring melody of spiritual warfare will fit right at home on WOW Hits 2018!

7. Switchfoot – Where The Light Shines Through- The title track of what I reckon is one of the most honest and inspiring albums of the year, is sure to be a single, and because Jon Foreman is such a good songwriter, I couldn’t really pick which one of the tracks on the album would be singles (either this one or “Hope Is the Anthem”)- but I do think that their time on WOW Hits will be a sustained one!

8. Chris Tomlin – Jesus- Simply and aptly titled, “Jesus” reminds us all that Jesus is the One who rules over everything! How could this song not be on the next WOW Hits? Watch the video below and let me know!

9. Needtobreathe – Hard Love- I’ve heard the title track from Needtobreathe’s latest album being played on radio recently, so I can only assume it’s the next single. Plus, the track is catchy, and speaks about overcoming adversity. All plus points I reckon!

10. Casting Crowns – One Step Away- The lead single from the upcoming album The Very Next Thing; the song speaks about fully surrendering to God, with plenty of allusions to the parable of the prodigal son.

11. Jason Gray – Learning- Jason Gray has always been one of my favourite artists, simply because he writes good music, songs that make us think. It’s a shame that “Sparrows” wasn’t present on WOW Hits 2017, but I reckon that the label won’t make the same mistake with “Learning”. After the positive feedback Jason received of “Sparrows”, I reckon we will hear a lot of “Learning” in the near future!

12. Grayson Reed – Fight For You- Sure to be on WOW Hits 2018 as a bonus track, the husband/wife duo of Mike Grayson of MIKESCHAIR and Molly Reed of City Harbor dropped their debut single “Fight For You”, about how God can restore broken relationships (similar to Chris August’s “Restore”), and hopefully this melody can propel the duo to the stardom that Love & the Outcome are in the midst of right now!

13. Unspoken – Higher- The lead single from the band’s sophomore album Follow Through; I reckon the song could have sneaked on this year’s WOW Hits, although placing the jazz/soul/funk/pop melody on next year’s list would be good too!

14. Tenth Avenue North – Afraid- Probably the second single off Followers; the inspiring and powerful piano led ballad delves into our doubts and the notion of being afraid and how to overcome our fears with God’s help.

15. Group 1 Crew – Burn- One of the few promotional singles on Power that has the potential to become an official single, Manwell and Lauryn-Taylor sing beautifully in harmony, on one of my favourite songs from the band ever!

16. Britt Nicole – Through Your Eyes- Finally, after 4 plus years, Britt released a brand new track to the world, for all of us to hear! That reason should be enough for the song to be on WOW Hits 2018, don’t you think?

17. We Are Messengers – Magnify- The next single after “Everything Comes Alive”, Darren and co have recorded a winner here, and a song that will feel right at home on next year’s WOW Hits album!

18. Skillet – Lions- A definite potential single from the band in the near future, I think K-Love and Air1 will have this track in their music library within the next few months!

19. Michael W. Smith – He Will Never End- Certain to be present on Smitty’s next album, the song originally recorded for the live Passion New Orleans production, was filmed as a picturesque and beautifully crafted music video shot on location in Israel. There’s no words to describe this majestic 4-minute track, so how about WOW places the song on WOW Hits 2018? Pretty please?

20. Tauren Wells – Love Is Action- The debut single from the former Royal Tailor lead singer releases on August 19th, and even though I haven’t heard the song before, I reckon the star power of his previous band is enough to ensure he grabs one of the three bonus track song spots on WOW Hits 2018!

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    1. yes, i agree, third day have been on every wow hits album since their introduction on WOW 1996 or 1997… i think it could be their new radio single ‘victorious’ that will be on wow hits 2018…or a new track from a new album altogether. i may be wrong though…

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