Top Ten CCM Artists Collaborations Of 2014!


Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens, which is posting roughly every Sunday/Monday, Australian time. Last time we talked about the 20 most overplayed CCM songs over the past 10 years, that we still find a soft spot in our hearts!

Now we are going to be delving into our top ten favourite CCM artist collaborations of 2014! Throughout the year there have been many songs with a few artists singing on them, that are special to us, either for the deep lyrics or the accessibility of the melodies!

So without any further ado, I will dive in, and list my choices with hopefully a music video, lyric video, or audio slide and you can listen and see why I love these songs, and can listen to them again and again!

Brave (Moriah Peters, Andy Mineo)

Run Wild (For King And Country, Andy Mineo)

For Those Who Can’t Speak (Tenth Avenue North, KB, Derek Minor)

You’re Not Alone (Owl City, Britt Nicole)

No Turning Back (Brandon Heath, All Sons And Daughters)

Runaway (Shuree, Manwell Reyes)

Am I Trending (V Rose, Flame)

All Is Well (Michael W Smith, Carrie Underwood)

Broken (Lecrae, Kari Jobe)

Diamonds (Manafest, Trevor McNevan)

So there you have it, my top ten favourite CCM artist collaborations in 2014. So, what are yours? Let me know so that we can compare and have a healthy discussion!

Next week we’ll be talking about top ten favourite bible verses (from a personal standpoint)…

One thought on “Top Ten CCM Artists Collaborations Of 2014!”

  1. Here’s a few songs that just missed out (these videos are fanmade, not official lyric videos or audio slides):
    The Wonder Years (Group 1 Crew, Moriah Peters, Glory)
    Everyday Is A Miracle (Group 1 Crew, Rachael Lampa)
    With The Brokenhearted (Lindsay McCaul, Brandon Heath)
    (can’t find youtube video)
    Walk On Water (Family Force 5, Hillsong Young And Free)

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