Top 10 ___: 10 Songs from the 1990s That Will Be Surely Missed If They Weren’t Written

In light of the facebook post by DC Talk last week, and the anticipation by anyone who is anyone who loves music in general, about the update on social media DC Talk are going to undertake later on today; I thought this post would be fitting. Songs from the 1990s can seem like decades ago (and it was), but sometimes, and I’m guilty of this, is that sometimes all I’m listening to on my iTunes playlist is the newer songs. When I stop and wonder and think- what happens if these songs in the 1990s weren’t written? How would the musical landscape change then? So here are 10 songs we as a site thought were impactful and pivotal during the 1990s in the Christian music scene, and if these songs weren’t written, then the whole landscape of CCM would look quite different. Read below to see what our 10 choices were.

1. Delirious?-ย History Maker

2.ย Steven Curtis Chapman- The Great Adventure

3. Michael W. Smith- Cry For Love

4. Jars of Clay- Love Song For a Saviour

5. DC Talk- Jesus Freak

6. Audio Adrenaline- Never Gonna Be as Big as Jesus

7. Third Day- Your Love Oh Lord

8. Jaci Velasquez- On My Knees

9. Carman- R.I.O.T.

10. Newsboys- Shine

There you have it- 10 songs that aren’t necessarily the most popular or even the most well known, yet 10 songs nonetheless that have made a great impact, I reckon, to the 1990s in terms of CCM, that if these songs weren’t there, then 1990-1999 would look totally different. Which songs from the 1990s do you reckon have made an impact on the industry, or even yourself personally? Are you excited as much as I am for the DC Talk announcement coming later on today? Til next time.

One thought on “Top 10 ___: 10 Songs from the 1990s That Will Be Surely Missed If They Weren’t Written”

  1. This is so weird…I was listening to Love Song For A Savior yesterday!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I actually wasn’t born when that song was out, but I found it a few years ago and loved it.
    One song from the 90s that has impacted me has been one I found last week: Everything I Do by Rebecca St. James (a really obscure song from her first album). It has really reminded me that everything in my life needs to be done for God. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, Testify to Love by Avalon is one that I think impacted plenty of people since its debut. I mean, it’s still around today (hey, it’s on WOW Hits 20th Anniversary!).
    Ooh, I didn’t know DC Talk made a big announcement last week…exciting! Gonna go see if I can find out what it is… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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