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Hello everyone, how is each of your days? I pray that they have been filled with joy and God’s immense love for you!

Yep, it’s time. For the super-secret “blog series about various topics” that I previewed earlier on my first post ever! So without further ado, let me tell you what to expect this week. It’s a new post, a new topic every day!

  • Message Mondays- What a better way to start off the day and working week with an encouraging and reassuring word from the Bible, sermon, or an insightful and inspiring book? Mondays will be when we directly quote or paraphrase a passage from something that has stirred up within us the past week, and then unpack that, outlining how we can live in light of these new revelations that we are sharing. Isn’t this exciting?
  • Throwback Tuesdays- Ever found yourself dancing to a very popular yet cheesy old video clip that you’re too ashamed to sing out loud? How about loving an entire album made in the 60’s or 70’s? Maybe you were touched by Billy Graham’s sermons in the 60’s, or your favourite films are Star Wars (the original 3 movies in the 70’s and 80’s) and favourite book series is The Chronicles of Narnia. Well then this post is for you, where we will be diving back through time, and talking about the songs, videos, books, albums, speeches, games, and more that were popular in the decades gone by, are still popular today. They are timeless as they present us with an encouraging message; it’s time to take a trip in the Delorean, hold on!
  • Worship Wednesdays- It’s time to sing out to Jesus with all of your might, as today is all about worship, adoration, gratitude, and thanks to Jesus because of who He is. Whether it’s a song, album or artist that touches our heart because of the vertical worship nature and incredible heart for praising Jesus; we will talk about our opinion on it, and speak about how a particular worship song/album/artist enhances our view of Jesus, and our appreciation of his sacrifice and unending love for us!
  • TV Thursdays- Have you read our predictions and analysis of the 2014 TV Schedule recently? These days most of today’s generation receives their information, no matter how unbiased or skewed, from the TV, with some shows unfortunately not fit for kids. If you’re a parent and want to know which show to present to your child as having morals and values akin to your own, so that the child grows up in a godly home, who do you turn to? Where can you find opinions about wholesome material with a timeless and inspiring message? Right here of course! On Thursdays we’ll be talking about edifying shows, upcoming shows that we can’t wait for, and hopefully TV that stirs the soul! Be it current or already ended shows, there is something for every person in this world to enjoy, and gain a positive message from!
  • Food Fridays- Exactly how it reads, Fridays will be sharing food recipes of dishes we enjoy eating, either our own recipes or external links from other websites and famous chefs, and in which occasion and season a dish is perfect to cook in. After all, who doesn’t love to eat at a party or in the presence of friends at a social gathering or barbecue?
  • Futuristic Fridays- While this week debuting on the same day as Food Fridays, this will alternate with the ‘posts that make us hungry’. A post where we will examine all things new, whether it be technology, film, TV, events in the world, gadgets, food, policies, something in this world that will impact future generations; we will also speak about up and coming concept which may not be entirely new to everyone, but we think will be pivotal in the coming years to the benefit of our society. Curious? Wanting to know more? Wanting to know how topics like robots, cloning, the recent Budget in Australia or even the new Halo TV series in 2015 affects us?
  • Sentimental Saturdays- Similar to Throwback Tuesdays, this particular post is more about nostalgia, and things that happened in our personal lives that has impacted us to be the person God made us to be today. Not necessarily talking about the popular timeless things of the past, in this post we talk about our thoughts and feelings when faced with the memories of the good things in life. Who wants to go deep and get personal? Then join us on Saturdays for our most vulnerable post of the week!

So there you have it! A description of this week’s debut posts! Let us know which one you’re excited for in the comments, and keep a lookout for these posts over the next six days!

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