My Predictions: 2014/2015 Fall/Midseason TV Network schedule


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Ah, now we come to the home of what used to be the teen dramas, with One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, 90210, Smallville and 7th Heaven all playing a big part of high ratings in what was formerly known as The WB and UPN. With both channels merging to form the CW in 2006, now the teen dramas have slowly been slipping away, with this year more action/supernatural/superhero shows being picked up, which in my opinion is pretty good. Arrow was the show that won me over in terms of superhero shows, and hopefully all of these new superhero shows can be of that same quality!

Mondays last year on The CW were underwhelming as a whole as the retooled southern medical/family drama Hart of Dixie and the romantic sci-fi sophomore season of Beauty And The Beast were paired together, with each suffering a severe dip in the ratings. While Hart of Dixie was later moved to Fridays (and despite the lower viewers there was guaranteed a 4th season renewal because of syndication reasons), Beauty And The Beast was pulled in March after episode 16. The remainder of the episodes will be shown in June (outside of the fall TV viewing period), yet a 3rd season renewal now seems a bit weird and confusing, especially since the show that replaced it on the Mondays (Season 1 of The Tomorrow People, which was faring well on Wednesdays) was ultimately cancelled, with that show ending up with similar viewers to B&TB. Though fans of TTP would probably shun B&TB, and boycott the show this coming season, this makes me wonder if viewers and demos are still factored into renewal decisions now, or is online viewing and social media coverage adequate measuring instruments now? Regardless, it’s doubtful that Hart Of Dixie and B&TB will be on the schedule on Mondays, maybe a safer bet is on Fridays? It’s very likely that B&TB will share a timeslot with one other show as the order for the 3rd and maybe final season is only 13 episodes.

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Never mind, let’s take a look at the more reasonable decisions. The Vampire Diaries, its spinoff The Originals, veteran Supernatural, medieval period drama Reign and DC comic based Arrow (in its sophomore season) all were renewed, as it was mostly expected, as well as mid-season Lord of the Flies-esque space drama The 100 (above, right). We said goodbye to The Carrie Diaries and Star-Crossed as well, with the former something I never really saw, and the latter with the premise sounding too similar to Roswell in 1999. Out of the just picked up pilots, Jane The Virgin was the most puzzling, as it was ordered to series in favour of the much talked about Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines. The rest of the shows ordered to series (The Flash- above, left; the spinoff from Arrow; iZombie, another DC comics based drama, and the end-of-the-world supernatural show The Messengers) had already garnered so much buzz in the pilot stage that their orders were expected yet also welcomed. This makes 12 dramas in all, and if you do the math, this means 3 shows saved for mid-season (if we assume that the reality America’s Next Top Model is on Fridays in the fall), and some shuffling around on the schedule, as I predict Arrow, Supernatural have new timeslots in the fall.

So take a look below, and see what I think will be the new CW Schedule. Comment below with your thoughts and opinions as well.


8: The Flash

9: Supernatural


8: The Originals

9: The Messengers


8: iZombie

9: Arrow


8: The Vampire Diaries

9: Reign


8: America’s Next Top Model

8: Beauty And The Beast (Midseason)

9: Hart Of Dixie

Unscheduled Midseason:

The 100 (TBA)

Jane The Virgin (TBA)

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