My Predictions: 2014/2015 Fall/Midseason TV Network schedule


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Personally I haven’t seen quite a lot of FOX shows in the past (like 24, Bones, House, of which I may revisit in the near future), and last year I only sampled one new drama (Almost Human) however this year there are quite a few shows that catch my eye. It’s been a very weird season though at FOX, with many low rated shows renewed and the reality singing show, The X Factor, cancelled (to everyone’s surprise but to their satisfaction also). The serial killer high intense drama The Following, and comedies New Girl, Brooklyn 99 and The Mindy Project were all renewed, and the stable sci fi cop/android drama Almost Human was surprisingly (at least for me!) cancelled, with a similar rating as well. Um, I’m not sure how and why that happened, but anyway… The lawyer drama Rake, based on the Australian series of the same name, limped with a pitiful just over 1 million viewers for its series finale, and time travelling sci-fi apocalyptic supernatural drama Sleepy Hollow was one of the first new shows to be issued for a new season back in December of 2013.

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Veterans Glee and Bones anchor the dramas for the 2014/15 season, with the possibility that the 24 reboot (below, right) is given another season because of solid numbers for the premiere last week being strong at this point also (and this is just speculation). The jury is still out for summer shows Gang Related (above, left) and Wayward Pines, which debut soon-ish, and as expected, most of the animation Sunday shows, as well as Masterchef Junior, were given new seasons as well.

As for the newer shows, most of them were already ordered straight to series in 2013, as Fox has continued along their tactic of announcing ‘all year programming’ for this coming season. The most hyped up show, a straight to series order to Gracepoint, a remake of the murder mystery whodunit British series Broadchurch, is something I am very excited for (especially since David Tennant is reprising his role in Broadchurch, except this time with an American accent), and I am also keen on watching the DC comic based Gotham (below, left), chronicling the origins story of Commissioner Jim Gordon, a young Bruce Wayne, and several other Batman villains, before they became the nefarious and evil masterminds we all have known.

gotham promotional picture   Empire promotional picture

Backstrom, a failed CBS pilot from 2012 and a detective show; Empire, a hip hop music drama (below, right); Hieroglyph, an action/adventure fantasy show set in ancient Egypt; and Red Band Society, a medical drama focusing on a group of teenagers who band together as friends in the children’s wing; are the remaining dramas ordered to series. The comedies added include The Last Man On Earth, Weird Loners, and Mulaney. For me, I am personally interested in what fills the X Factor spot most of all, and the episode orders to all of these 6 new dramas, as there’s no way all of them will be in the traditional fall/midseason schedule. My guess is that Gracepoint and Gotham, two of the most talked about new FOX series, will take the spot on Wednesday.

So take a look below, and see what I think will be the new Fox Schedule. Comment below with your thoughts and opinions as well.


8: Bob’s Burgers

8:30: The Simpsons

9: Family Guy

9:30: Bordertown


8: Bones

9: Sleepy Hollow (Fall)

9: The Following (Midseason)


8: New Girl

8:30: Brooklyn 99

9: Weird Loners

9:30: Mulaney


8: Gracepoint (Fall)

8: American Idol (Midseason)

8: Backstrom (Spring)

9: Gotham (Fall and Spring)


8: Glee

9: Empire (right)


8: Masterchef Junior

9: Kitchen Nightmares

Unscheduled Midseason:

The Last Man on Earth

The Mindy Project


24: Live Another Day (if renewed)

Gang Related (if renewed)


Red Band Society

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