Fantabulous Fridays: Introduction

Sometimes I wonder about the length of my reviews overall since the inception of this site. Seeing as we are coming up to the 6 year mark of 365 Days Of Inspiring Media- actually it’s around 1 month until we are set to renew this site for at least 3 more years!- the time has come for some reflection and introspection as to how reviews are done. Yep, the main staple of our site, music reviews, needs to be looked at.

2000 word reviews cannot stand any longer in the digital age of consumerism. But while writing shorter reviews will come in time, and won’t be easy nor an overnight fix so to speak, there is one thing we can do. And that is cut the number of reviews we do. Sure, we can marvel at how well a single is received on radio and how well aforementioned single resonates with us…but do we really need to voice a thousand word ‘essay’ about one song? Writing single reviews are easy, and to me is a cop out- for I or Jon could write a review of a single and feel good about myself as opposed to writing a challenging hard album review- that I could put off in the future and in time that album review (which may have been good for me to write to expand my musical horizons!) is not written at all. So moving forward, unless we feel it is absolutely necessary, the review of the music ‘single’ will cease to exist. What will be in it’s place though, so as now you all can still feel up to date with the most recent music, and so that this site still feels fresh, and that we can all have more time for music reviews, Momentous Mondays posts and other blogs and such? Well let me announce…Fantabulous Fridays!

Yep, Flashback Fridays is still on hiatus for the foreseeable future, but let me nonetheless give you a quite rundown into what this new weekly blog (but most likely every 2 weeks!) will be about. Not really a blog per se, but more of my own list- this is a cross between Sunday News Roundup back in the day, and giving you guys a quick snapshot of the latest music that has been released, plus my thoughts on what I’ve been listening to. While I’m not going to give too much away…let’s dive in, shall we? To both Christian and mainstream music! Because Fridays, when music is generally released, is fantabulous! Don’t you all agree?

Week 1: Tenth Avenue North will no longer be ‘by our sides’ but they still urge us to be followers of Jesus!

Week 2:

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