Just a few months ago, I posted my favourite songs of 2017 thus far, from January – March 2017. Now here is a follow-up post, favourite songs from April – June 2017. And while this type of series hasn’t really been done before (in previous years, I’ve only posted one ‘top songs of ____’ post at the end of that particular year), I’ve said, and I will say again, that 2017 is the year of the song. Not just hit songs on albums, but just hit songs period- whether it’s on an album or just released as a single. Because frankly these days, when I look at the year up until now objectively, I have realised that more often now than years previously, artists are releasing singles as opposed to new albums. Don’t get me wrong, the number of albums this year is just as much, if not more than last year. It’s just that within these last few months, we have been blessed with tracks that aren’t necessarily attached to any album. And maybe that’s a good thing. To not have to wait until an artist as a collection of songs that they can release to listeners. Often if that is the case, artists may have to wait for management approval, or they’ll have to discuss about radio format and marketability before they release an album. In 2017, with artists releasing more songs as opposed to albums, we are ever reminded that in such an industry like the music industry, it takes a lot for an album or even a song to be released on iTunes- so we ought to be appreciative when an artist does release something, be it an album or a single.

So without further ado, here below are 20 songs that have been impactful, compelling and heartfelt during these last few months. What are yours? Sound off in the comments. Til next time!

1. Honestly (The City Harmonic)

2. Shadow Step (UNITED)

3. Never Let Me Fall (Cimorelli)

4. I’ll Find You (feat. Tori Kelly) (Lecrae)

5. I Need You God (Consumed By Fire)

6. Every Mile Mattered (Nichole Nordeman)

7. Til the End of Time (feat. Kari Jobe) (Cody Carnes)

8. Whole (Emily Irene Fertig)

9. Gloria (Stephen Christian)

10. Won’t Let Me Go (John Tibbs)

11. Broken Things (Matthew West)

12. Revival (Third Day)

13. We Remember (Steven Curtis Chapman)

14. Easier (Manic Drive)

15. In Love (Alive City)

16. Red & Yellow, Black & White (feat. GabeReal) (Carmen Justice)

17. It is Well (Finding Favour)

18. All the Wrong Things (feat. Koryn Hawthorne) (Branan Murphy)

19. Safe in My Father’s Arms (Sanctus Real)

20. Whole Heart (Brandon Heath)

So there it is, my favourite 20 songs within the period of April – June 2017. What are yours? Let us know in the comments. Til next time!

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