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WOW HITS 2017: What’s Your Prediction (Part 2)?

While it has only been a few months since my first prediction of what I thought was going to be on WOW Hits 2017, within that time span many songs released to radio, and I have since revised my proposed list. While I know that no WOW Hits list can ever be perfect, I do know that timeliness is the key, and songs on the coveted WOW Hits compilation should reflect the claim that these songs on the compilation are indeed the top songs of that given year. While that indeed a discussion for another day and another time, what I will say is that choosing 39 songs that I believe should reflect the year of 2016 is a very difficult thing. Because frankly, you’d probably need two WOW Hits albums released per year to capture the number of hits. Nevertheless, this is what they have- WOW Hits albums releasing once a year in September sometime. So without further ado, here is my proposed list of songs I reckon should be at least considered for WOW Hits 2017 (note: a fair amount of songs included on my list in the post WOW Hits 2017: What’s Your Prediction (Part 1) are not present here and vice versa).

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WOW HITS 2017: What’s Your Prediction (Part 1)?

wow hits 2016

Hey everyone. I figured that while it’s only a few days until next year, now’s a good time as any to speculate about next year’s WOW Hits compilation. It’s about 9 months until the WOW Hits 2017 list is revealed (via email, and a little longer on social media), and about 3 months since WOW Hits 2016 was released. So while I will still write a site prediction list around the end of March, and again in July, I’m proposing one now, just to hear your thoughts!

Note: the above picture is of WOW Hits 2016,  the WOW Hits 2017 cover hasn’t release yet (will probably release in June/July sometime)!

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