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Worship Wednesdays (Who Do We Worship?)

Justin, living in Australia wanted to go on a holiday. He booked a holiday for June over the phone for Christchurch New Zealand, but also booked via the internet for Wellington just in case his credit card details weren’t written down word for word by the clerk on the other end of the phone. He then packed his suitcase full of woolly jumpers and jackets as he heard that the weather was cold, snowing and windy but also packed his trunks and swimmers just in case he wanted to swim in the Cook Strait, if the weather was up to it. He installed burglar alarms the month before leaving, just in case the 40 he already had were faulty and he had to buy some more. He also enlisted his friend to take care of the place for him, and bought a black Doberman to guard his house as well, just in case his friend was unreliable. He then packed his laptop as well his i-Pad just in case he wanted to use one more over the other. He also paid for Foxtel in his hotel rooms in New Zealand just in case he wanted to watch the England vs Australia Ashes series on TV. He disconnected his SIM card from his international mobile phone as he didn’t want people to disturb him, but also bought another phone with international roaming just in case he changed his mind. And finally, perturbed by the possibility of another Cyclone Larry, or another Bali Bombing that could occur in NZ, he decided to cancel the much-anticipated holiday, just in case.

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Worship Wednesdays (What does Worship look like?)


How do you think people should worship? When you travel to your local church for a Sunday morning worship service, what do you expect to see? People singing, everyone raising their hands? Hymns sung, or would it be the latest CCM pop/worship melody to make the rounds on radio currently? How would you respond during worship- jumping up and down, being silent and reflective, kneeling, or hands raised? These are all valid questions to the individual, and some that have divided many throughout the centuries. Just walk into an Anglican church, a Pentecostal church, a Baptist Church, or any other denominational church and you’d probably see what I mean. The definition of worship, aside from it being a lifestyle rather than a genre of music, has meant different things to different people. And here in this new post, we will think of another valid question relating to worship- can you worship and be in God’s presence, as much or maybe even more, when you listen to a rap melody from an artist like TobyMac or Lecrae, rather than a traditional worship artist like Kari Jobe or Chris Tomlin?

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