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Top 10 ___: Top 10 CCM Bands Over the Last 10 Years

It was about 10 years ago when WOW Hits 2007 was releasing, that I branched out and listened to a wider range of Christian music. From artists like BarlowGirl, Rebecca St. James, Superchick and ZoeGirl, to Tree63, Stellar Kart, Sanctus Real and Hawk Nelson; my musical tastes have certainly evolved from the early days when I just listened to artists like Carman and Delirious?. While over the last 10 years, many bands that I’ve listened to are now disbanded, what had transpired within the 10 years was, and still is, a season of appreciation and enjoyment of music of various styles. So now here I am to start a new series. In light of the new WOW Hits 2017 album releasing in September, here’s my top 10 bands that I have thoroughly enjoyed throughout these last 10 years that I have listened to Christian music on a regular basis. Then next week I’ll discuss my favourite male CCM artists, and then the week after my favourite female CCM artists… and so on. So what are my favourite bands of the last 10 years? Read on to find out.

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