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Message Mondays: The Power and Need of Rest

To rest in today’s culture almost seems foreign to practically everyone. There I said it. We as a human race do not know how to just be still and have a rest. We’re always constantly on the go. Whether it is moving from one task to the next, having multiple jobs, being parents, thinking about work at home on your days off…whatever the case, to carve out that time for intentional rest when all we’re doing is just thinking about nothing and just enjoying life for just what God intended for us to do, we almost need to be intentional about the rest we so desperately ache for, need and is a necessity for us to survive this crazy thing called life. Because without rest and without times where we enjoy life just because, we’d go crazy. This life is busy enough as it is. The pressure of performance, the pressure of keeping up with the joneses, the pressure in keeping up with fashions and trends, of being up to date on social media and making sure that everyone in the household is taken care of…you get the picture. If we just don’t take a step back and just assess our lives and think about what needs to be changed and what needs to be altered for us to have a happier and healthier lifestyle, then we’re just going to continue along the path towards the erosion of family values, relationships and sanity, all at the betterment of increased economic productivity in mainstream society.

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Futuristic Friday (The Future- is it all that it is cracked up to be?)


hoverboard- back to the future part 2

There comes a point in time when we mustn’t worry about what our own futures, and the future of the world will be like. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t wonder every once in a while and dream about what we’d like to do within a certain time frame, but we must realise that rarely, and I mean rarely, do things ever go to plan. You plan for something, and then life takes you on a detour and you experience something else. You think your life is going to be picture A but then it turns out to be picture B. You start to realise that sometimes thinking about the future can seem futile- because really, why should you plan if things aren’t going to go the way we think?

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