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BEST OF 2017- PART 4: TOP 15 EPs (January – June)

While I know it’s only July, in just a few months time, the year will be over and then I would’ve needed to at least have a list at the ready, to have 1- whatever of songs, EP’s and albums that were my standouts throughout the year. So I started to think, and compose a list. In this special post, I will unveil my favourite 15 EP’s 2016 has to offer. But this list is special- the EP’s are only from January – June 2017. While the year isn’t certainly over (5 months to go), I will certainly post another best-of list in December, collating EP’s from July – December and posting that at the end of the year as well. Anyway, enough preamble. Here’s my top 15 EPs that have made a great impact on myself both spiritually as well as enjoyableness.

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