Switch – Symphony

Dream Label Group

Release Date: February 14th 2020

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Switch– Symphony (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Wild
  2. Jump
  3. Count Me In
  4. Higher and Higher
  5. Symphony (feat. Dillion Chase)
  6. Overflow
  7. Close
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Lifeline
  10. Obsession

EDM on the CCM scene hasn’t really been given a real good attempt. Aside from Capital Kings, no one has really tackled the genre head on and decided to go onto a previously untapped music market. And ever since the disbandment of Capital Kings, fans have been aching for an artist or a band to marry the genres of pop, EDM, worship and CCM into a mesh that is absolutely genius. Look no further everyone, as Switch, from Dream Label Group is here. Essentially the youth band of Life.Church from Edmond, Oklahoma; we are blessed to hear 10 absolute gems, as the band help us reignite the passion in our hearts, delivering us honest worship melodies sung in an up to date, relevant way, with plenty of electronics and synth that we can handle. The result is an album worth multiple listens, and a band who’s star power is on the rise and will only be higher and higher.

With Switch already previously unveiling their debut EP Symphony last year with 6 songs, all of them are present on their 10 track album, also titled Symphony. And once again, it is the lead single “Symphony”, and the title track- a duet between lead singer Cassidy Estevez and acclaimed rapper Dillon Chase, that really grabs my attention. Switch has skilfully in this instance combined rap and pop to make something beautiful. As Cassidy imparts to us that ‘…even in the madness, there is peace drowning out the voices all around me, through all of this chaos You are writing a symphony, a symphony…’, we are drawn into a metaphorical journey of musical instruments, of which the lyrics of the bridge need deciphering even after 3 or 4 listens; with the undeniable conclusion that Jesus Christ works all things together for our good, even when we don’t know it and it seems like the opposite. Jesus has His own timing, so let us just trust that the symphony in the end will be beautiful!

The rest of the album, even though containing songs we’ve already heard before, is still a joy to listen to. “Lifeline” is quite odd for an EDM band- with the acoustic guitar, but the track works well we are presented with plenty of water references and a declaration that ‘…You’ll never leave me, it doesn’t matter what I’m facing, no, and when I’m failing, You’re holding onto me, and I’m holding onto You…’. Solid in delivery and approach, yet a tad lacking lyrically, “Lifeline” isn’t the strongest song on the project, but does enough to whet our appetite for more. That ‘more’ comes in the form of the poppy “Higher And Higher”, as Switch does Hillsong Y&F and Unspoken vibes, in essentially a worship song proclaiming that we will lift Jesus’ name higher and higher just because He is God; while the group also impress in the electronics and synth abound “Close”, a melody that encourages us to keep on with our life, especially during the tough times, as Jesus holds us close at all times.

One of the newer songs on the project is “Wild”, a musically busy danceable EDM track that essentially imparts to us that Jesus’ love for us is indeed wild and untamed- similar in theme to Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love”; while the equally musically busy “Jump” is lyrically quite strong even though the track doesn’t really impress music-wise, as we are met with a track that essentially lets us know that we can and need to jump in the times when we are afraid and unsure- jumping in faith into the unknown is scary, but with God by our side, it’ll be worth it as He will show us wonderful things beyond our current understanding and comprehension! “Heartbeat” musically is a bit bland unfortunately, however the passion here is undeniable, as we are met with an admission that our true purpose can be found in Jesus’ heartbeat aka everything that Jesus longs for is what we should long for and desire as well; while the laid back “Count Me In” is surprisingly a reflective worship ballad, and an album highlight as lead singer Cassidy imparts that she wants to be an active part of what God is doing in her life, as ‘…with every breath, You are reviving these wounded lungs, You keep me going when I can’t run, God, be my strength ’til the work is done…’.

With Switch switching it up musically (no pun intended!) in the experimental “Obsession”, which doesn’t contain your typical verse/chorus/bridge, yet also calling out our obsession with social media, hopefully encouraging us to obsess over Jesus Christ instead; the final ‘new’ track is the danceable poppy “Overflow”- as the band include a pulsating electronic beat similar to something that might appear on mainstream albums. Again another personal highlight, Switch have joyously given us a song fit for the dance floor, and overall an album that, though it has it’s flaws, still deserves to be listened to, as there is gold to be mined here, and quite a bit of it!

Will Switch take off like other worship bands like Hillsong Worship and Planetshakers? Or will they take off like EDM acts before them like Capital Kings? Time will tell I guess which way they go musically- but one thing is for sure. That these guys are extremely passionate for Jesus and they are unashamed to proclaim the gospel. So let us listen to Symphony, and remember every single truth that Jesus has said to and over us- and we can claim that for ourselves!

3 songs to listen to: Count Me In, Symphony, Overflow

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Hillsong Y&F, We Are Messengers, Unspoken, TobyMac, Blanca, Mandisa, Ryan Stevenson

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