Riley Clemmons – Headspace – Single

Capitol CMG / Sparrow Records

Release Date: July 16th 2021

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Riley ClemmonsHeadspace – Single (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Headspace
  2. Headspace (GOLDHOUSE Remix)
  3. Headspace (Live)

This artist doesn’t really need much of an introduction. One of my favourite rising artists in the music space right now, Riley Clemmons has released a fair number of songs that have charted radio over the years. I reviewed her new album Godsend a few weeks ago, and even blogged about her impact and influence on modern music today (and hopefully impacting music of the future). And so to get that out of the way, what I will say is this (without rehashing anything that has been said in both the review and the blog post)- Riley’s impact is slowly starting to rise, and what better way to celebrate such a impact that Godsend has had on people (myself included) is to release one of her standout songs (that can possibly go to mainstream radio) ‘Headspace’ in the form of a ‘single’- the original version from Godsend, a remix of the song by GOLDHOUSE, as well as the ‘live’ version that can be seen in the music video shown below.

If you’ve been following Riley for a while now, then you know the song ‘Headspace’. Even if you haven’t really been following Riley’s music, listen to ‘Headspace’ anyway. A song that challenges us all to take ownership of our own headspace and to see what is constantly filling our minds and figure out if that is actually the right way to go about living our lives, Riley’s ‘new’ track is a powerhouse of the song- one that can hopefully ask the right questions- who are we giving permission to speak into our life? What voices are we letting into our heads? Our own, or God’s? Voices are constantly going to be in our heads, regardless, so I guess this song reminds us to always keep on guard, to who and what is impacting our lives, and more specifically, our minds. Maybe ‘Headspace’ can be a new anthem to bring to light, issues to do with mental health? Whatever the case, the song cannot come at a better time- when everyone is facing various lockdowns and the prospect of COVID-19 being around in the community for quite some time; ‘Headspace’ (as well as the live version and the remix) can hopefully give a lifeline for people who are needing it throughout this uncertain time. Well done Riley for this far-reaching song (hopefully!). Maybe some crossover singles and radio airplay in the future?

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Lauren Alaina, Francesca Battistelli, Selena Gomez, Lauren Daigle, Britt Nicole

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