Riley Clemmons – For the Good – Single

Capitol CMG

Release Date: September 24th 2021

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Riley ClemmonsFor the Good – Single (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. For the Good

This artist doesn’t really need much of an introduction. One of my favourite rising artists in the music space right now, Riley Clemmons has released a fair number of songs that have charted radio over the years. I reviewed her new album Godsend back in June, and even blogged about her impact and influence on modern music today (and hopefully impacting music of the future). And so to get that out of the way, what I will say is this (without rehashing anything that has been said in both the review and the blog post)- Riley’s impact is slowly starting to rise, and what resulted from the tremendous support for her new album Godsend is this- Riley’s release of one of her standout songs (that can possibly go to mainstream radio) ‘Headspace’ in the form of a ‘single’- the original version from Godsend, a remix of the song by GOLDHOUSE, as well as the ‘live’ version that was recorded in one take in the studio. I reviewed that single not too long ago, and the song ‘Headspace’ is fast becoming one of my own favourite tracks on Godsend. Now in September, Riley released another track as a new single- not from Godsend, but a new song, ‘For the Good’.

‘…SURPRISE! My brand new single “For The Good” is out this Friday (9/24), everywhere you listen to music. This song is deeply rooted in one of my favorite Bible verses of all time, Romans 8:28, saying “all things work together for the good for those who love God and are the called according to His purposes.” This verse has brought my family & myself so much comfort over the past couple of years, as not only we’ve walked through a tough time as a family, but as we’ve watched the world around us change. Never so much before have we needed the promise that God is working things together for the good. I hope this song encourages you & reminds you, no matter what season you’re walking through, that God is with you and for you. Can’t wait for Friday!!!…’ ‘For the Good’ literally came out of the blue- I don’t think anyone who has been following Riley’s music thus far, would ever think that she’d release a new song, shortly after Godsend– besides…she released new music only mere months ago, she wouldn’t release a new song now again, would she? ‘For the Good’, as surprising as it is, is still a good track- and maybe the song would’ve been a great addition on Godsend (unless Riley herself wrote and recorded the track after Godsend released), maybe it could’ve been reserved for Riley’s next album (whenever that could be), but the truth of the matter is that the song was released now- and maybe it was released now for a very good reason. That in such a world of calamity and chaos, we are to remember that God works everything for our good, even if we can’t see it ourselves. Basically Romans 8:28 in song, Riley offers us a declaratory anthem to assert in our own lives, especially during time as divisive as 2020 and 2021. Who are we going to let determine and dictate our lives moving forward- ourselves or God, or even the Devil? God is good, and He works things for good, and even if we can’t see it now, there will always be good coming out of something unfortunate. Always. Maybe ‘For the Good’ can be a new anthem to bring to light, issues to do with us trusting the Lord for our futures in Him? Whatever the case, the song cannot come at a better time- when everyone is facing various lockdowns and the prospect of COVID-19 being around in the community for quite some time; ‘For the Good’ gives us some reassurance in this fragile state of mind we can often feel that we are in. Well done Riley, for this emotive song, maybe this track can follow ‘Headspace’ and become a crossover hit in the upcoming weeks and months ahead?

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Lauren Alaina, Francesca Battistelli, Selena Gomez, Lauren Daigle, Britt Nicole

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