Manic Drive – Thank God I’m Alive


Release Date: September 4th 2020

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Manic Drive– Thank God I’m Alive (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Thank God I’m Alive

One of the most underrated Christian artists in the industry lately, Candian duo Manic Drive recently dropped their brand new single “Thank God I’m Alive” to all digital retailers. I previously reviewed their song “Easier” with the intention of reviewing the 2017 album Into The Wild. But that never eventuated- and thus here we are again with the lead single off another unnamed project. But this time is different as I will review the project- I promise!- and this is for the reason that I personally reckon that Manic Drive have a lot to offer, and that within the realms of pop and dance and EDM and CCM, these guy are leading the way and are head and shoulders above other groups and artists. You may not know it, but I reckon that within a few years’ time, many people will be speaking about the group, about how talented they are. At least that is my hope…

So as we dive deep into “Thank God I’m Alive”; if you don’t know their history, let me break it down for you just a bit. Comprising of brothers Michael and Shawn Cavallo and good friend Anthony Moreino (but now only Michael and Shawn!), the trio, now duo, formed in 2004 and have recorded 5 full-length albums (Reset and Rewind in 2007, Blue in 2009, Epic in 2011 VIP in 2014 and Into The Wild in 2017). Blending musical genres of EDM, pop, CCM and rock into their songs, the inspirational and energetic band is probably one of the most underrated bands ever, probably partly due to the fact that they’re not signed to a label- I don’t think they’ve ever been! Nonetheless, with the band already recording hit songs such as “Blue”, “Walls”, “Music”, “Halo”, “Money”, “Save A Life”, “Good Times”, “VIP”, “Rhythm”, “Good News”, “King Of Mercy”, “Easier” and “Into the Wild”; and also winning plenty of awards at the GMA Canada Covenant Awards over the years; Manic Drive are back in a really good way, as “Thank God I’m Alive” musically showcases the band that we all know and love doing dance and EDM, coupled with ever true lyrics about thanking God for our breath, while reconciling the notion that we are alive with the tension that we will see our loved ones in heaven one day even though we still miss them here on earth.

Driven by powerful and stirring synth and electronic beats, the band ardently mention in the verses that the persona struggling to accept that his mum is gone- relaying that ‘…I’m learning how to cope
With heaven calling you home, and we’ll try to be strong with all this going on, we’ll just try to keep trying I suppose, confuse how to deal with this, it’s kinda messed if I’m being real with it, and we’ll try to get by, try to get by, but it’s hard to disguise how we feel…’
; yet the brothers also provide hope and solace further on in the song, declaring that they knew their mum was a believer, therefore their confidence that they’ll see her again isn’t shattered. A reminder to count our own blessings and to remember to spend time with our loved ones before we can’t anymore; “Thank God I’m Alive”, despite some somewhat repetitive and monotonous synthetic bars and riffs, is inspiring, honest, emotional and encouraging. Manic Drive’s heartfelt single is sure to strike a chord with many listeners, as we remember that Christianity is a choice every day, a choice to thank of Maker that we are indeed alive and breathing, to go where God leads and to live life according to his purposes, as we glorify His name and tell everyone what He’s done in our life.

It’s been 3 years or so since Into The Wild and 6 years since VIP, so I reckon Manic Drive’s new studio album will drop sometime this year or next year. Until then, “Thank God I’m Alive” is on the surface a fun EDM/pop tune, but also with heart and sound lyrical content, as we are confronted by the fact that yes life throws you curveballs like death in the family, but we can take heart as He is with us and He will guide us through our storms. One of the most hopeful and impacting songs of 2020, Manic Drive have created melody we all need to hear before the year’s over; check out the song and let me know what you think of it!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Sanctus Real, The Afters, Building 429, Audio Adrenaline, Stellar Kart, Newsboys

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