Mack Brock – This Is Your Promise EP

Capitol Christian Music Group

Release Date: June 12th 2020

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Mack Brock– This Is Your Promise EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. I Lift My Eyes (Studio Version)
  2. You Reign (Studio Version)
  3. Even The Impossible (Studio Version)
  4. I Am Loved (Alt Version)

Having signed to Capitol Christian Music Group in early 2018, former Elevation Worship frontman Mack Brock, who served as music producer of Elevation Group as well for more than a decade; decided to step out on his own to record his debut full length solo album Greater Things in 2018. Venturing out into the great unknown to launch a solo career, one might surmise that perhaps there were disagreements between Mack and the rest of Elevation Worship- why would bands break up otherwise? Yet while that could have been the case, it isn’t actually known if it was or not. See, God could be calling each member to different areas, and one listen from the title track of Greater Things and the other 8 remaining worship anthems; and you’ll be convinced that Jesus still has something fantastic and wonderful for Mack to accomplish in the world of music in the coming years, as he brings more and more into the Kingdom of God through the gifts He has given to him. Mack also released Covered EP in 2019 (and you can read both reviews of Mack’s solo releases here and here!); and fast forward to this year, and Mack has another batch of worship songs to unveil to us- as This Is Your Promise EP released a few weeks ago. Essentially Greater Things Part 3 (as the subject matter, musicality and themes are very similar to his previous solo material!)– Mack proceeds where he left off, continuing to give Jesus the praise and glorifying Him because He has saved us and because He is good.

Opening the track list is the stirring, compelling and inspiring worship melody “I Lift My Eyes”! Simple in its lyrics, and somewhat repetitive lyrically, it is the intense passion that Mack has for Jesus that is sure to engage us all, as he turns the most mediocre song into an anthem brimming with potential and one that I can wholly enjoy and not be tired of. Sure to be sung on Sunday mornings at church services everywhere in the near future, Mack passionately reiterates that Jesus is greater and higher than anything on this earth, and also reminds us all that we can lift our eyes to heaven and to Jesus when we need to. With the rest of the songs on this EP being emotional, honest and thought-provoking, Mack delivers an EP that showcases his love for Jesus as well as Jesus’ love for each of us. “You Reign”, similar in theme to Delirious?’ “Our God Reigns”, is driven by the electric guitar, and is a slow tempo ballad, relaying to us that Jesus reigns over everything on this planet, over everything that was and everything that is and everything that will be. Again another simple song in theory, but a stellar anointing of the Holy Spirit in practice. Mack also eloquently and majestically sings out the ever-true fact that everything is possible with Jesus- even the impossible in the eyes on man. Co-written with Ben Hastings, Ben Felding and Matt Crocker of Hillsong Worship; “Even The Impossible” is the one track that I’m sure will blow up and grow bigger than the artist (out of the four tracks!), as this song might be covered by Hillsong as well as other artists. While the EP ends with the somewhat repetitive “I Am Loved”. It’s not my favourite song from Mack, however it is solid. We’ve already spoken about this song on my previous review, so you can listen to this song and let us know what you think of it!

With Elevation Worship still going strong, and Mack Brock definitely fitting right into the ‘solo artist set-up’, this could be a win-win situation for everyone, as Greater ThingsCovered and now This Is Your Promise all remind us that there is something great happening soon that is waiting on the horizon for us. As Mack still is at home, as like all of us, during COVID-19, and hopes for his next tour whenever that may be; I reckon this EP is sure to be in one of my top ‘favourite EP’s’ come the end of 2020. So, what are you guys waiting for? Listen to This Is Your Promise EP (and for that matter Covered and Greater Things), then listen some more! Let me tell you, you will be blown away!

3 songs to listen to: I Lift My Eyes, You Reign, Even The Impossible

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Elevation Worship, Hillsong Worship, Israel Houghton, London Gatch, Matt Redman, Bebo Norman, All Sons And Daughters

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