Laney Rene Redmon – Speak Your Name (Single)

Laney Redmon Music

Release Date: May 17th 2019

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Laney Rene Redmon – Speak Your Name (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Speak Your Name

‘…Hi! I’m Laney and I’m so excited to meet you. I’m a Texas girl currently living with my best friends in the amazing state of Tennessee. I’m in love with Jesus and I passionately enjoy life. I have an incredible family and they’re a continual reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness towards me. I love to dance, sing, travel, shop, and a hot (or cold) cup of coffee at anytime of the day. But there is nothing that makes my heart beat like getting to express through words written, worn, or sung who Jesus is and who I am because of Him and the joy and freedom He has brought to my life. I was born in June of 1994 and have three older siblings who mean the world to me. We were always encouraged to wholeheartedly pursue what God put in our hearts and the freedom to think outside the box when doing so. I’ve been blessed to share Jesus through dance and travel the country in recent years with Christian music artists and music tours. Now I spend most of my time working on “Laney Rene” brand, writing music, writing blogs, and making videos. The past year has been a year of incredible freedom for me and God has truly blown me away by Who He is and what He has done inside of me. My desire is to share what He has done in my life, not just for the sake of telling you, but my hope is to remind you of the future and hope that your good Heavenly Father has for you. Life is good, because HE is good! …’

This above quote from the website of Laney Rene is the only information that I could find out there about who this young and up-and-coming artist is. All I know is this- she’s great friends with Sadie Robertson (yes, the same Sadie who is daughter of the famous Robertsons, who are the forcus of the now cancelled A&E reality drama, Duck Dynasty), she’s released one song before this one, called ‘Safe Place’, way back in early 2018, and…well, that’s it. Yes, that’s it. And I guess that may all be what is needed for me to have a fresh perspective and unbiased approach to her new song and hopefully radio single, ‘Speak Your Name’. Vocally reminiscent of Kari Jobe and Sarah Reeves (like a lot!), we are reminded that the worship ‘genre’ (if you can call this a genre) is in safe hands if Laney Rene continues to deliver songs like hers previously and now this new offering. Dropped to iTunes and other digital retailers this past week (May 17th); I am convinced that though young, this woman of God is by all means the future of modern worship. Delivering electronics and layered vocals in her new song, we are met with vulnerability and poignancy like no other worship song I’ve heard in 2019 thus far. And the message is very simple- speaking the name of Christ in every situation we are in, be it good or bad, and watching the Lord use whatever is spoken and declared, and bring it in fruition, be it now or way into the future, or any time in between. There are power in our words, and thus, this is a song fit for now when there is much division in every aspect and facet of life, just by what we say or don’t say to people. A song that is for a generation to hopefully pick up and run with both now and into the future, well done Laney for such a prolific and life-changing song. Looking forward to whatever the Lord has in store for you in the upcoming years ahead…maybe a full length album or an EP?

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe, Bethel Music, Sarah Reeves

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