FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: WEEK 42 (Offerings & Offerings II by Third Day)- When the world is falling around us, why don’t we just simply worship?

Yesterday and the day before was one of those days. Just one of those days where everything didn’t come together like I wanted to, and a day where so many things happened that made me feel a bit…you know funny, weird, uneasy inside. You know those days, right? Actually, I reckon there’s been about a few instances over the past few weeks that have tested my patience- and I’m sure my brother Jon can confirm this- and it’s led me to this conclusion. When we as humans and people on planet Earth are faced with uncomfortable situations and things beyond our control, most of us try to fix the situation on our own, or we just run away and put our head in the sand! So let me dive in and tell you what’s been happening of late since I last posted, and I’ll give you more insight into where I’m at in my life.

The other day my brother and I had a day off together from the café, which is very rare. Actually throughout the entire existence of the café which is around 4 and a half years, it’s never happened before. Granted It’ll probably never happen again (it’s just how the schedules for all of our university staff aligned on that day!), so Jon and myself decided to go out of the house and go shopping at Koorong, and also in the city (which we unfortunately haven’t explored- not the extent I would have liked- even though we have lived in Sydney for the entirety of our lives!). That day alone was very enjoyable- we spent a money on CD’s, DVD’s and other uplifting media, for ourselves and for presents; yet the day was also very eventful.

For breakfast we ate at a local café in West Ryde, and while the food was ok, the service left much to be desired. What we ordered and what we received as per our drinks was totally incorrect, while I wanted to sub out one ingredient for another on a dish, and the server relayed to me that it couldn’t be done. As far as our experience it was alright (just because Jon and myself were hungry!), and even though I thought about receiving a refund, the train was coming soon, so we left shortly after we finished our food. The train trip back to the city was another highlight for me and Jon- simply because there was a lady on the train handing out ‘turn or burn’ pamplets about ‘Christianity’- and I say this in inverted commas because of the fact that that verses quoted on the pamplets were from fake books in the Bible. Obviously this lady was a piece of work, and we both left the train while she was still present and still preaching. Perhaps it was a cult, or a misguided and foolish deception with the intention of still bringing people to Christianity- and either way it was entertainment and a situation where we had the chance to stand up for what is right, and Jon and I didn’t do anything. Fast forward to later that day, and Jon had his Koorong bags rifled through at another store, and they thought he was stealing from them, and then alluded to the fact that Jon was going to sell these many DVD’s on the black market. It was such a reputable store, and our respect for them dwindled a bit. We’re definitely not going back to that particular store any time in a hurry…

A week and a bit later brought us to yesterday and the day before. Wednesday night was when the whole Optus network across Australia was down. Sites were running very slowly, and it seemed as if it wouldn’t be fixed in a quick and timely fashion. Plenty of complaints came in across the country, and while the issue seems to be fixed now, the time taken to solve the connectivity problem (more than 24 hours!) made everyone irritable. Jon also caught the wrong train on his day off yesterday, and had to double back, taking a further 2 hours to arrive at his destination. So…why am I telling you all this ‘personal’ information you may or may not want to know about me? Well, it’s cause in all of those situations, something happened out of our control, and we acted accordingly to what we thought was right. We didn’t ask for a refund by quickly left the café. We changed carriages on the train and didn’t engage with the woman. We explained to the security guard that our DVD’s were bought at Koorong and not at that store. We just waited out the Optus outage and chose not to vent online. And Jon doubled back and caught the train again instead of a bus which would’ve saved more time. Yet in all of these situations, what we also should have done was laid it all at God’s feet, and worshipped Him for being alive. Huh? Is that the right time to worship God? When what is seemingly ahead and in front of us needs ‘fixing’ and ‘readjusting’ to what we want?

I’ve come to realise of late that worship isn’t a genre. It’s a lifestyle choice and how we live. Sure all of those decisions Jon and I made were the best we could do at the time- yet what we failed to do in those circumstances, which would’ve certainly brought us more comfort and peace, was to worship God and praise Him because of His holiness, sovereignty and His unending love for each of us. Of course, it’d be quite absurd for others and perhaps a bit humiliating and embarrassing if we shout out God’s praises and sing a song in the streets for everyone to hear and see- but worship is more than just songs; it’s about the heart as well. So I believe that as we enter into any situation, be it comfortable or not, with an attitude of gratitude, or believing that God has out best for us no matter what; then that notion will serves us well in the future, as we realise that no matter the outcome of any situation, God is with us and will work everything to His glory and our good in the future. Isn’t that a wonderful thing, and a promise we can start believing and carrying into every situation with confidence? Of late I’ve been struck by just how honest, authentic, emotional and personal a couple of worship albums have been over the years- so when you feel like fighting or flighting in certain situations, and you want to call on God but don’t know how; then I say listen to Third Day’s Offerings and Offerings II– and guaranteed some of these songs will soothe your soul, give you peace and comfort, and enough strength to make it through each day, whatever comes your way!

As I finish this blog for this week, let me ask you- what have you faced recently that you needed God’s help in, or His peace? Remember that our hope is in Jesus, that He is the King of glory, and that Jesus’ love reaches to the heavens!

Until next time, guys!

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