Kerrie Roberts – Make Me Move (Single)

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Release Date: August 12th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Kerrie Roberts– Make Me Move (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Make Me Move

There are artists that are popular, whose songs are played on the radio over and over. CCM artists like Francesca Battistelli, Plumb, Lauren Daigle, Natalie Grant, Mandisa, Britt Nicole and Meredith Andrews have all had songs on the radio throughout the last few years; and if you could ask anyone who is a fan of K-Love or Air1, who their favourite female artist is currently, I could almost guarantee that most of their answers would come from any one of these artists above. Not that there’s anything wrong with the talent and the songs themselves from these artists, but the point is that independent artists (especially female independent artists), sadly aren’t as recognised and respected as they should be. Especially those, like singer/songwriter and CCM/pop artist Kerrie Roberts, who started off signed to a label, and then partway through her career, moved off to become an independent artist, delivering songs of a similar, if not a greater, quality compared to songs recorded and released prior to being independent. Kerrie is one of my favourite female CCM artists, ever; and if you’ve heard any of her 3 full length studio albums to date (Kerrie Roberts in 2010, Time For The Show in 2013, and Boundless in 2017), or her many EP’s (Once Upon A Time in 2011, Thank You Child in 2013, and My Heart’s Lifted in 2014), then I’m sure you would agree. Kerrie made a comeback of sorts with the 2021 single “Keeping Angels Busy”, which we reviewed here; and though we may not know when Kerrie’s next full-length album will release (because she is now a podcast host, as well as a home-school mum, a certified wellness coach, an avid gardener and a cook), we are now presented with a brand-new single in the powerful melody “Make Me Move”.

Friends, my new song, “Make Me Move” is complete. It’s a reflection of my heart and how I want to live. I want to thrive in the rhythms God has set for our lives that is so beautifully laid before us in His creation. He is never in a hurry and is always full of grace. A heartwarming and inspiring mid-tempo ballad, where Kerrie inspires us to live for Jesus in everything we do, as we ask Him to move in us and start a revival in our souls; Kerrie has delivered exceptionally in this single, and she undoubtedly whets our appetites for more and more Kerrie Roberts music. Does that mean Kerrie has a new album in the pipeline? Maybe, maybe not. But it still does signify why I (and Jon!) enjoy her music so much. And that ought to be enough to continuing to listen to her discography, right? Well done Kerrie for this ‘comeback’ song. Looking forward to whatever comes in store, in the upcoming year ahead!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Lindsay McCaul, Charmaine, Laura Story, Dara Maclean, for KING & COUNTRY, Sidewalk Prophets

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