Kat & Jared – Kat & Jared EP


Release Date: February 3rd 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Kat & Jared– Kat & Jared EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. We Adore You
  2. Hallelujah
  3. We Want To Know You
  4. In Awe
  5. You Amaze Me

CCM/worship duos seem to be the in thing nowadays from Gungor, All Sons And Daughters and Love & the Outcome, to LoveCollide, Social Club Misfits, FFH and The Brillance. Now let’s add another duo to the list… Kat & Jared Hartmann, professionally known as Kat & Jared, are a husband/wife worship duo out of Bethel Church in Temple, Texas, and have recently released their debut self-titled EP. But aren’t all worship projects now seemingly blending in all together and aren’t some indistinguishable from others, you say? Well, it’s true that some projects are generic, but Kat & Jared’s project isn’t one of them. Jared, a former guitarist for Flyleaf, is no stranger to the music industry, and he definitely uses his expertise as a songwriter and entertainer here, except in this case he’s entertaining for Jesus and not for the listeners nor the radio. As I find that both Kat and Jared are in their element very much here; I reckon this is definitely a project the worship enthusiast should definitely pick up.

Opening with the guitar led mid-tempo rocker “We Adore You”, we are glimpsed into an undeniable passion for Jesus, as Kat eloquently leads this track, and ardently reminds us all that Jesus is sovereign over all, that ‘…You’re changing everything, with the hope You bring, and we adore You…You’re doing what You speak, You’re giving us new names, and we adore You…’; while the guitar also leads the next track, as “Hallelujah” once again has Kat shining as lead vocalist, simply crying out ‘Hallelujah’, a simple yet effective refrain and concept where we worship God because of who He is, no matter what our circumstances are. With the melody being high octane, high energy, and perfect for jumping around and dancing to, I can definitely see this track excelling on a Sunday morning service.

The longest song on the album is the slower paced “We Want To Know You”, standing at just over 7 minutes in length, where the duo remind me lyrically and vocally of Bethel Music’s Amanda Cook. As Kat ardently and fervently relays to us that we long to know Jesus as deeply and intimately as He knows us, this heartfelt and emotional ballad is the standout and the song to listen to if you were only to listen to one of their songs. With the song building and building until the most epic and grandiose orchestral crescendo that I have heard in quite a long time, I expect this song to be covered at least once this year, by a CCM artist, or maybe even more than once…

With the penultimate song being the once again upbeat “In Awe”, led by the guitar and a vibrant and vivid picture of the response that we all should have to God’s goodness and unconditional love for us- that we should be speechless and in awe of everything He has done for us; the EP ends probably too soon, and as quickly as it began, with another strong offering in “You Amaze Me”. Another melody that I could see being sung in churches everywhere on Sunday mornings; Kat’s voice is effortless and seamless here, with her passion for Jesus undeniable and reminding us of what it means to fall in love with our Saviour and Maker. A fitting album ender, as we are reminded of Jesus’ immense power and love for us amazing us to no end; this EP is one for repeated listens on Spotify, iTunes or your favourite music streaming platform.

What can I say about this EP that I haven’t raved about already? That Kat & Jared are awesome and I reckon they should be signed, maybe to Integrity Music? That I reckon one day they could be as big as All Sons & Daughters, Passion, Jesus Culture and/or Hillsong? Seriously, check out this EP! Guaranteed it will be the best purchase of 2017 as of right now, and also possibly one of the best purchases of 2017 when the year is over! Well done guys for one of my favourite EP’s of the year, and sure to be my one of my favourite EP of 2017 come December time.

3 songs to listen to: Hallelujah, We Want To Know You, You Amaze Me

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Brian & Jenn Johnson, Amanda Cook, Ellie Holcomb, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin, Jesus Culture

2 thoughts on “Kat & Jared – Kat & Jared EP”

  1. Simply wonderful! Contemporary Christian/Worship music is the best music being created/released today and Kat and Jared are adding their names/talents to the growing list of amazing artists.

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