Iveth Luna – Just Like Jesus EP

Red Street Records

Release Date: March 12th 2023

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Iveth Luna– Just Like Jesus EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Just Like Jesus
  2. Second Chances
  3. In You
  4. Ears To Hear
  5. Believe
  6. Give It To Jesus

One of the latest signings to CCM/worship label Red Street Records, Latin artist Iveth Luna, is an artist who is a breath of fresh air. Revitalising, reinvograting, healing and comforting, I thought that I wouldn’t know what to write about this up-and-coming artist, simply because she is new and there’s not much online about her. Not nothing online, because Iveth does have her website, her biography on New Release Today, and her social media and press releases of her debut EP. But you know how sometimes the best songs are the songs that just speak for itself? That’s the case with the just-released EP Just Like Jesus. There’s hardly any information online about Iveth. For a new artist, I’d say Iveth’s digital footprint isn’t as high as other new-ish artists like Riley Clemmons or Anne Wilson. But there’s this EP, with 6 songs that speak for itself. And maybe that’s all we need in times like these.

My grandpa is a pastor in Mexico. My dad and my uncles were worship leaders, and they had a huge impact on me growing up but I never thought that I would ever do church music. I didn’t think it was something a girl could do because I never saw another woman do it until I saw Kari Jobe. I was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa! There’s something really special about that.’

It was so fun for me, but then again, I never was super serious about it because I didn’t think it could even be a career choice. I actually ended up going to college and getting a business degree, but during my freshman year in college, the Lord spoke to me. I had a crazy encounter with the Lord, and he confirmed what I was supposed to do. I just cried. It was during a worship night at my college, Oklahoma Baptist University. After that I was like, ‘Okay, I’m supposed to do music. I’ve always wanted to, but I don’t know how this is supposed to happen.’ It started the discovery of my calling. I started taking vocal lessons. I began worship leading and by my senior year I was like, ‘I don’t want to do anything else but this!’ That changed everything for me.  I used to be so afraid of the stage. It was so scary.  It’s crazy how that’s what I do now.  There’s definitely been growth. There’s been a lot of developing since then in my heart and my walk with Jesus. I’m here now and the only way I can explain it is God.

2017 and 2018 were rough years for me. They were years of feeling like I was in the wilderness and the Lord had forgotten me. I want to help those people that have felt that way. I understand where they are at and I want to be authentic and say, ‘Hey, it’s okay. The Lord does still love you. You are not forgotten. He does still see you.’ I’m really intentional about what I want to say, and I always ask, ‘Lord, what do you want your church to know? How do you want to encourage your church?’ What do you want them to sing?’

I feel like I’m coming with an energy. I feel confident about where the Lord has placed me, and I want to share the confidence with other people. I’m excited to add to the palette of Christian music. We’re all adding our own elements, our own colors, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.

I had a blast shooting my first music video [Just Like Jesus]! It was such a surreal experience. When I first walked onto the set, I was completely in awe. The creative vision behind my song really came to life as the colors changed with the story of the song. I hope that listeners can watch this and feel like they can grasp the hope and the heart of ‘Just like Jesus.’

Iveth, similar in vocals to Jaci Velasquez, and in musical style to Kari Jobe and Francesca Battistelli, has released songs for around about a year now. But for the uninitiated (which may be some of you), you’re in for a real treat when you listen to this 6-song debut EP. Actually, all of us will be in for a treat, as Iveth’s vibrant, passionate and engaging vocals and her immense heart for Jesus makes this one of the most inspiring and enjoyable EP’s of 2023 thus far. Opening with the passionate, eloquent, explosive and compelling title track, Iveth ardently and fervently delivers a feisty and impressive opener, as she sings about it being part of Jesus’ nature to ‘…give me strength when I need it, hope when I cannot see it, when I’m falling to pieces, it’s just like Jesus, to put me back on my feet when I was out past the deep end, You wanted me when nobody wanted me…’. A song that pulls at all of our emotions, Iveth prayerfully relays that Jesus loves each of us immensely, and that He desires each of us to be close to Him.

The rest of the EP continues to impress, as Iveth reaffirms my suspicions that she will be as popular or even more so than seasoned Latin/pop/CCM artist Jaci Velasquez. “Second Chances” is a pop/CCM song about how Jesus never, ever runs out of second chances, and that we’re all never too far gone from His grace, mercy, and love; while Iveth’s first ever single “In You” is a pop/rock 3 minute melody about believing in the promises of God and knowing with your whole heart that we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. “Ears To Hear”, another powerful CCM/pop melody, speaks about listening for Jesus’ voice in the little things, and being attune to the Holy Spirit speaking in the things that we least expect; while the piano ballad “Believe”, similar in theme to Jeremy Camp’s “I Still Believe”, highlights the concept of Jesus always being faithful, and us still believing in the promises He said in the Bible and the promises of His word and His faithfulness, despite us not seeing the promises, and despite us sometimes not believing in the promises of Jesus. Just Like Jesus then ends with the piano led melody “Give It To Jesus”, where Iveth passionately cries out that she surrenders everything to Jesus, everything that is weighing her down, and that she will ‘…give it to Jesus, every trial, every wounded heavy hurt, bring it all, let Him heal it, let it go now, He can turn it all around, I’m gonna give it to the one who will never leave or walk away, nothing’s too big or too small when I pray, stop trying to work so hard and just receive it, it’s time to just surrender, I release it, I give it to Jesus…’.

Iveth Luna’s debut EP Just Like Jesus may slip under the radar. I mean, it probably will. Celine Dion, The Jonas Brothers, Ed Sheeran, Lauren Daigle, Olivia Newton-John, and David Dunn all released new albums recently (to name a few), and all will be much more popular than Iveth’s worship release. But this project is equally as poignant and impacting than these aforementioned releases- and maybe even more so than some of them. Iveth has recorded a solid batch of worship songs, and I encourage you all to listen to these and let Jesus minister to your soul. Are these songs the most lyrically and musically creative? Probably not. But are they needed for your spiritual enrichment this year? Most definitely! So, what are you waiting for? let’s hop to it, and listen to Iveth give Jesus all the glory, honour, and praise!

3 songs to listen to: Just Like Jesus, Believe, Give It To Jesus

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Kari Jobe, Francesca Battistelli, Natalie Grant, Rachael Lampa, Jaci Velasquez, Salvador, Consumed By Fire, Jason Crabb

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