Hardy & Lainey Wilson – Wait In The Truck (Single)

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Release Date: August 26th 2022

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Hardy & Lainey Wilson– Wait In The Truck (Single) (iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Wait In The Truck

I used to think inspiring, powerful, thought-provoking, compelling, impacting, vulnerable and honest songs… were Christian songs and nothing else. I think I’ve mentioned this countless times before in many reviews and blogs; but let me just say it again. I don’t know when I first believed the impression that Christian songs were a cut above everything else; but that notion soon was dispelled and disproven in 2019 when Jon and I blogged about plenty of influential artists- most of which weren’t ‘Christian artists’ at all. Yet we were still moved, touched, and presented with incredible song writing and compelling and relatable lyrics. And so, we had to change our paradigm; and ever since that time, I’ve been finding myself drawn to music, regardless of genre and regardless of whether I know the artist or not. This brings me to this current ‘review’- because I reckon THE SONG of 2022 has just been released. “Wait In The Truck” is a haunting and mysterious country ballad- a duet by country artist Hardy (who is an artist whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure of listening to!), and up-and-coming country singer Lainey Wilson. We reviewed “Heart Like A Truck”, the latest single from Lainey, while we will also review her upcoming album Bell Bottom Country. But “Wait In The Truck” is the kind of song where you don’t need to know the artists’ backgrounds and histories. Because a good song is a good song, which is a good song- no matter who sings it. And so… do I need any more ‘pre-amble’? Let’s dive in deeper into the song, shall we?

The topic [of domestic physical and sexual abuse] isn’t talked about a lot; these are things that [often] happen behind closed doors. This one is going to start a conversation that a lot of people don’t want to have, but it is our job as artists to sing about things that people are [sometimes] scared to talk about. Domestic abuse is a fragile subject, but I hope this song brings light to a situation that is more common than we’d like to admit. For the abusers, I hope this song haunts them. For the victims, I hope they know they’re not alone.

‘Wait in the Truck’ has got to be one of, if not my best, work so far. Something very spiritual happened the day that we wrote that song. We just kind of looked down at our pen and paper and we looked up and the song was written, it was amazing to be a part of it. It speaks on something very important, domestic violence. At the end of the day I just really hope that this gives somebody a platform to speak out.

‘Wait in the truck,’ my next single, is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written – probably the best song I’ve ever written to be honest. It hit me so hard the first time I heard the demo back, and no other song had done that before. Very excited for the world to hear the song, excited for the song to give people a platform to maybe speak out about stuff that might be going on in their own homes. Thank you to Lainey Wilson for doing this song with me – she crushed it, she crushed the music video, I just can’t wait for the world to see this, and I can’t wait to play it live.

I always love working with HARDY, but this track is extra special. I am so proud to be part of ‘wait in the truck’ because it’s such a powerful song and story, and I really do think it will change lives.

“Wait In The Truck” is probably THE most confronting, powerful and vulnerable songs I’ve heard all year. Hardy delivers a ‘story song’ (something that Matthew West is famous for now!), and speaks about an abused, hitchhiking woman who is physically and emotionally scarred and abused. A man picks her up on the side of the road, and then travels to her ex’s house to put justice into his own hands. In the music video, Hardy plays the drifter and Lainey Wilson the abuse victim, as in the music video Hardy kills the ex for treating the woman like hell. In the powerful and moving music video, Hardy gets sent to prison, and five years later, it is revealed that the abuse victim still visits her protector- the bittersweet, resolute, and morally justified assailant in prison. Now, this story, though probably based in fiction, is undoubtedly inspired by the plights of many women around the world. Yet it shouldn’t be a story of how we should do things. We shouldn’t drive around trying to kill people who make us angry and frustrated. However, this eye-opening look into the justice system and the realities that women who endure domestic abuse sometimes face (being stuck in a desperate situation); should remind us that sometimes, bad people get away with doing bad things. Is it morally right or wrong to kill somebody who has been hurting other people? As a Christian, I’d have to say that it probably still is morally wrong… but is there ever a situation where ‘turning the other cheek’ isn’t the right thing to do either? This music video and this stirring song has a lot of greys and nuance- it’s not painting Hardy as the saviour, because in the song, he’s got demons and issues as well. Yet “Wait In The Truck” reminds us of the truth that people need saving and people need a saviour. Hardy and Lainey Wilson have brilliantly conveyed this delicate and fragile topic quite gracefully and with intent… and for that reason, I reckon they both will be stars in the future. Here’s hoping and praying that the world doesn’t sleep on this emotional and vulnerable track- because it’s a must listen. That’s all. Listen to the track and watch the music video. You’ll definitely thank me later.

Score: 5/5

RIYL: Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Breland, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Jake Owen

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