Elle Limebear – Maker of the Moon / Find Me At Your Feet

Provident Label Group

Release Date: March 15th 2019 [Maker of the Moon] / April 12th 2019 [Find Me At Your Feet]

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Elle LimebearMaker of the Moon (iTunes/Amazon mp3) / Find Me At Your Feet (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. Maker of the Moon
  2. Find Me At Your Feet

Daughter of ex-Delirious? frontman and now successful solo artist Martin Smith, Elle Limebear has created a name for herself over the last year or so, when it was evident that Elle decided to follow suit and become a music artist just like her father. Though her father was initially part of a band when Delirious? decided to unveil their first projects; Elle has decided to start off her career as a solo artist. Signing to the label house of Provident Label Group (the same label house as many other artists like Casting Crowns, Zach Williams, Tauren Wells, Tenth Avenue North, I AM THEY, Matt Maher and One Sonic Society, to name a few), Elle and her music is certain to be enjoyed by people who have been fans of her father’s band Delirious? all these years, or even other similar sounding artists like Rend Collective, Kari Jobe and Philippa Hanna. Since releasing her collaboration with One Sonic Society last year October in ‘Love Song’, alongside her other powerful singles ‘Holding Me Still’ and ‘Call On Your Name’; Elle unveiled to us Biblical truths and songs that have been enjoyed by almost everyone over the December/January Christmas holiday period. Now here we are at the end of April, and Elle has given to us once again a few songs for us to enjoy as we move into the June-July period- winter for countries in the southern hemisphere and summer for those in the north. ‘Maker Of the Moon’ and ‘Find Me At Your Feet’ are the latest by Elle, and both have the potential to become songs featured in Sunday morning worship service set-lists as the months continue to progress on.

Initially released as part of Bright City’s album back in 2017 (a worship movement in the U.K. similar in music style to Soul Survivor); ‘Maker Of The Moon’, according to Elle, is one such song that ‘…may be familiar to some but brand new to others, as I wrote it with my Brighton family a couple of years back- but today I hope as you listen, you connect with the Maker. The concept of the song focuses on how God orchestrates the creation of the universe whilst still being deeply committed to every single personal details of our lives. It’s a declaration of wonder at the splendour of creation and a reminder that He continually invites us to meet Him face to face…’ It is a song that reminds us all what true worship is really like; and gives us a new song to sing in a season that often requires one. Not that there’s anything against older-style songs, it’s just that such a song like Elle’s is certainly one that will resonate positively with people, especially those who are indeed searching for a new worship song to connect with, for whatever reason. ‘Find Me At Your Feet’ is the other melody released recently, and though this song is much more radio friendly (and for me, didn’t resonate as much as previous melodies by Elle), the song itself is nevertheless about a theme and topic that is important in society- coming to the Lord as we are, knowing full well that He searches more for our hearts rather than the outward expression of what we believe we can give to Him. As Elle imparts herself on a recent Instagram post, ‘…I’ve been waiting for this song to be released ever since it was written. This song is an honest truth about the times when we feel that we are inadequate to approach Jesus, when we don’t know how to love Him and the times when we can’t muster up the right language to pray or sing. It serves as a reminder that Jesus looks at the heart and not what we can offer Him. It mirrors the story of the woman with the alabaster jar that pours out the valuable perfume on Jesus’s feet. This song is a reminder to us that the most important, significant and impactful place we can be is at the feet of Jesus…’

There you have it- these new songs from Elle Limebear. ‘Find Me At Your Feet’ and ‘Maker of the Moon’ are songs that are almost certain to end up in Sunday morning worship set-lists in the not-too-distant future, and with these two songs, alongside her previous three (Love Song, Call On the Name, Holding Me Still); Elle’s future in music looks very bright. Elle has followed in her father’s footsteps, and though even now, not many people may know she is Martin Smith’s daughter; Elle has nevertheless crafted a sound that, while sounding similar to Delirious?, has a unique atmosphere and style that can be akin to something Delirious? but also being something unique and different as well. Do we know when Elle is out with a full album? We don’t, but till then, let us all enjoy these two new songs by Elle, songs that can remind ourselves that the atmosphere of Delirious? and their style of music can still live on, in what Elle has undertaken and her future music, whenever that may be!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Delirious?, Kari Jobe, Rend Collective, Philippa Hanna, Martin Smith

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