David Dunn – Spend A Life (Single)

BEC Recordings

Release Date: March 8th 2019

Reviewed by Joshua Andre

David DunnSpend A Life (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Spend A Life

Signed to BEC Recordings in 2014 and releasing both his first label EP in July 2014 and his full-length album Crystal Clear in July 2015; David Dunn, with vocal similarities to artists such as Jonathan Thulin, Abandon and Matthew West, unveiled a debut project certain to be enjoyed and cherished by many of his previous fans. With BEC Recordings home to artists like Kutless, All Things New, London Gatch, Disciple, River Valley Worship, The Royal Royal, Tasha Layton, 7eventh Time Down and Matty Mullins to name a few; David’s introduction firmed up a line-up that is probably one of the most underrated Christian labels in recent times. With David previously releasing the smash hit single “I Wanna Go Back” in 2016, followed by the sophomore album Yellow Balloons; we were met with 10 songs of vulnerability and true surrender to our Almighty Father and our Saviour. Fast forward to now, and it’s time again for David to drop something new. Enter in “Spend A Life”- on the surface a pop ditty, but on deeper examination a heartfelt, earnest, and confronting melody certain to start a conversation on the quality of life we are each living.

“…I wrote “Spend A Life” because I had a kid. For the first time in my life, a timer started, and it was counting down the seconds I had left to raise my kid. An 18 year (or less) timer where my moment by moment decisions would affect my tiny human’s existence dramatically. And that got me thinking about the macro perspective of life. Everyone has a ticking clock from the moment they’re born, and some day that timer is going to go off…and then that’s it. That’s all you get. No resets or 5-minute snoozes – it’s done. And that will have been all the chance you got make a difference in the world around you. That was it. The sudden flash in the pan, that mist of vapor in the air we call “being alive”. So the point of the song is this: Time is our most valuable resource, so let’s not spend it like it’s cheap…” The heart of the song is basically what you’ve just read- some valuable insight from David himself. How is the quality of life we are living compared to the time we have left on this earth, and also compared with the things we are doing from day to day versus the things we find to be the most important in this world? Wow…that’s a mouthful, and a lot to digest, but essentially, “Spend A Life” is us wrapping our heads around all of those questions, and trying to make sense of the notion that we do actually only have one life (before we either meet Jesus or we don’t!). So as David reiterates in the chorus, let us remember that our life is actually not our own, but what God gives us. So our time is precious…and let us not waste our life, but live it with the people who really matter. Let us in fact remember that ‘…all I have is what You gave, watching seconds turn to days, I was made for more than just to watch it fly, a few more turns around the sun, could be hundreds, could be one, show me how to spend the treasure of my time, show me how to spend a life…’.

And as David Dunn has presented us with a stellar debut album and an exquisite sophomore album, both containing inspiring and powerful melodies such as the powerful hit singles “Today is Beautiful”, “Have Everything”, “Ready to be Myself”, “I Wanna Go Back”, “Grace Will Lead Me Home” and “Masterpiece”; David has once again poured out his heart and soul into a song that will surely be on rotation on radio for a sustained period of time; with his emotion and unequivocal passion for Jesus sure to be infectious and contagious. In my opinion, BEC Recordings have definitely signed a fine artist that’ll only enhance their artist roster even more; so well done David for such an inspiring and hopeful melody; “Spend A Life” right now is one of my favourite songs of the year thus far!

Score: 4/5

RIYL:  Matthew West, Crowder, Colton Dixon, The Afters, Sanctus Real, Building 429

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