Dave Pittman – Different Kind Of Love


Release Date: January 11th 2019

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Dave Pittman– Different Kind Of Love (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Different Kind Of Love (feat. Seth And Nirva)
  2. Fall to Pieces
  3. Worthy
  4. Fight To Win
  5. Hope’s Song
  6. So Much More
  7. I’d Rather Have Jesus

“…Hope has been the main theme of my life’s journey. I’ve learned that our identity is not in what we do or don’t have, or in our past failures or successes, but in Christ alone. This is the heart cry of the record, because I want people to know that if they put their hope, trust and faith in Him—and not in earthly things— He will help pull them through their toughest times and give a peace that only He provides…” If you’re not yet aware of Dave Pittman, you’re not alone. I had no idea about his music nor his journey with Tourette’s Syndrome, nor his stint on American Idol back in the day (all of those things I learnt while finding out background preparation for reviewing this project!), however whenever a site like New Release Today promotes his music- it’s a sign that you better sit up and take stock, and be introduced to an artist so underrated and so, so brilliant at the same time. That’s the case with Dave Pittman (vocally sounding similar to Charles Billingsley and Jason Gray at the same time!) and his sophomore project Different Kind Of Love, a release 8 years in the making and a real labour of love. Though independent and not signed to a major label, Dave wears his heart on his sleeve, and shows us through these heartfelt and honest tracks that his passion for Jesus is real and is to be commended. And though it’s early days, let me be the first to say that this release should stay in my ‘top EP’s of 2019’, and that Dave as a new-ish artist should receive a bunch of fans after this, as all of these melodies are crazy good and extremely poignant and relevant.

Opening the track list is the earnest and high-octane pop/rock number that is the title track. Featuring Seth and Nirva as guest vocals seamlessly working together in unity, and the trio gently conveying to us the wonderful things about God’s love, we are met with a satisfying melody that is sure to have our head bopping and our feet tapping to the infectious beat in no time at all. While “Fall To Pieces” is next and melodically has a similar sound to the opener, adding in some 80’s inspired synth for variety, where Dave channels his inner Marc Martel vocally, creating a little gem that Marc would be proud of. Lyrically Dave speaks about the need for us to ‘fall to pieces’, to surrender entirely to God and His plans for us; it’s a track that though short in duration, makes up for in poignancy and heart- a song we all need to hear for us to grasp the concept of letting go of control.

By far my favourite song on the album is “Worthy”, an out-and-out worship song that harkens back to Avalon days as Dave sounds like Greg Long in this instance, as he eloquently relays to us that Jesus is worthy, deserving of all of our praise, that ‘…no other love can do what You have done, we give our hearts to You and You alone…’, while the pop and the radio friendly musical nature invades our ears in full force with the 3 minute pop ditty “Fight To Win”; but the subject matter isn’t light at all, with Dave highlighting an argument he had with his wife, and how he longs to fight on the same side as her- the side of fighting for their marriage, with God’s divine intervention. The tempo then goes back down with the piano led slower-paced ballad “Hope’s Song”, and depicts a single moment in time where Dave yearns to hold onto the hope that only Jesus provides, the only thing he can cling onto in a desperation situation. While “So Much More” is another full-on worship song and another highlight. Dave reveals to us that if we truly believe Jesus is who He says He is with 100% conviction, Jesus will open our eyes to so much more we can see around us, including more and more about our Father and Saviour- we will see oh so much more, and it’s a concept that we all need to grapple with as believers. And though I’m just enjoying the project, and settling into a groove, the release ends, with the hymn “I’d Rather Have Jesus”, a stripped down acoustic-type rendition of one of the most underrated hymns ever, where Dave channels Todd Smith from Selah, and gives Selah a run for their money for the most emotional rendition of the hymn.

“…God never promised us a life free of suffering while here on this earth. Rather, He said we would suffer greatly in this fallen world because of the sin of man that entered through Adam and Eve. But because of His great love, Christ came and died for us so that sin no longer separated us from Him. And since God raised Him up that third day to eternal glory, we too have that same Hope. Don’t let what others do or say determine what you believe about yourself. God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made and created in His image. He has plans for you and wants to use you in a powerful way to bring light into this dark world. So set your Hope on things above, not the things here on earth, and start believing who God has already said you are…” And…that’s the EP. Short, impactful, to the point. And a release that will put Dave Pittman on the map and possibly a record deal on a Christian label further on down the track. But let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, ok? Let’s just sit and bask in the genius of Dave’s songwriting and worship leading, and marvel at how God moves, even in the most unexpected places. Well done Dave, you’ve done your listeners and fans proud, and I can’t wait to see God take you on this journey, and you sharing your heart along the way.

3 songs to listen to: Worthy, Hope’s Song, So Much More

Score: 4/5

RIYL:  Avalon, Jason Gray, Charles Billingsley, Jason Crabb, MercyMe, Downhere, Selah

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