Austin & Lindsey Adamec – Victorious (Single)


Release Date: March 16th 2018

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Austin & Lindsey AdamecVictorious (Single) (iTunes/Amazon mp3)

Track Listing:

  1. Victorious

Since Lindsey Adamec decided to leave 1GN (and thus a little while later 1GN disbanded and all its members went onto other projects- Carmen Justice Hadley herself went on to release an EP at the end of 2017 titled Against the Odds), she and her husband Austin Adamec have decided to embark on a journey as a couple in music. With a self-titled EP (Austin and Lindsey Adamec) being released in 2016 that spawned the powerful and emotive songs ‘Walk on Waves’, ‘Maker of Miracles’ and the emotive and heartfelt ‘Lost in You’, both Austin and Lindsey have since then unveiled what it means to release music as a living while also serve in the local church as a full-time ministry- both this husband-wife duo are pastors at their home church in Jacksonville, Florida. Yet while their debut album was met with so much critical and commercial acclaim, we haven’t really heard much from this powerful duo (aside from a Christmas melody- ‘Welcome to the World You Made’)…til now, that is. ‘Victorious’ is the new song by the duo; and is the first of many to release digitally in 2018. Why has it been so long (not really, the duo’s debut was just a little over 2 years ago…but a 2 year wait in the music industry can seem like a long, long time!) between music material? The short answer- life happens. While we may never know why this release has been taking a little while, what I do know is this- both Lindsey and Austin are passionate about their music, and want to allow songs to cultivate and breathe, to heal and encourage, and ‘Victorious’ has undertaken and succeeded with all the above!

‘…’Victorious’ is a celebration of living a life in the presence of God and a song of praise for the victory that He has accomplished in our lives. No matter the season of life we find ourselves in, God has already accomplished all that we need by sending his son to die on the cross…’ The above quote in a nutshell is what the song ‘Victorious’ is about. While Austin himself is only heard on backing vocals, ‘Victorious’ indeed is Lindsey’s song, as she powerfully declares our own worth and what we as believers in Christ need to hear and often be reminded of on a daily basis. We are victorious, and such a song as this is needed in a society that often tries to tell us of our own inability to claim such a victory in Christ, for whatever reason. With ‘Victorious’ one of many new songs the duo is releasing in the upcoming months ahead, the duo are undertaking the ‘Endless Hope Tour’ in the next few months- a series of Prison Fellowship International-sponsored women’s events that primarily focuses on the ministry which restores justice and helps prisoners, ex-prisoners, families and those affected by crime, all under the umbrella of bringing hope to those affected by prisons and everything that that word brings to mind. As Austin says himself, …I think Christians understand that we are to take care of widows and orphans, but I think we often forget about the incarcerated and their families…it is amazing what God can do, even amidst these direst of circumstances…’ We don’t really see what happens once someone gets convicted and goes into prison, and such a ministry like ‘Endless Hope’ that is affiliated with Prison Fellowship can come into prisons and hopefully speak life into the inmates there. And that is what I reckon makes ‘Victorious’ special- the story behind it. It is a reminder that everyone can become victorious in Christ, that there’s no end to the second chances the Lord gives us, that ‘…there’s power in the blood, we stand redeemed because You are victorious…there’s healing in Your name, through every season You will reign victorious…’

‘…we’re just worship leaders from Jacksonville, Florida, who love to sing together, who are married, and who enjoy proclaiming all God is doing in our lives. If we’re going to write about His presence, we have to go there. You can’t take people where you haven’t been…’ One of the most honest and hopeful songs I’ve heard this year (alongside Cimorelli’s ‘Thirst For Life’), this is a duo that you don’t want to miss out on, and my favourite duo I’ve heard ever since Capital Kings, The Sonflowerz, Grayson Reed and Love & The Outcome a few years back. Released in mid-March, just 2 weeks prior to Easter 2018, this is a fitting time for the duo to release their new music. If this is the start of what their new project (be it EP or album, who knows) could sound like, then bring on Austin and Lindsey’s album #2. Can’t wait for whenever the next few songs will release as 2018 continues to roll around. A definite for anyone who loves worship music, loves indie music, or both; Austin and Lindsey, with the release of this new track, are certain to continue their impact to many more listeners in the upcoming months ahead. Well done to the duo for such an honest portrayal of worship music!

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Brian and Jenn Johnson, Amanda Cook, Bethany Dillon, Christy Nockels

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