Alisa Turner – Alisa Turner EP

Integrity Music

Release Date: August 25th 2017

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Alisa Turner– Alisa Turner EP (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Lift My Eyes
  2. Not Even Now
  3. More Than Gonna Make It
  4. My Prayer For You
  5. As It Is In Heaven
  6. Psalm 13

“…Seventeen years ago, I thought I was on the road to a record deal, but that quickly ended… I wasn’t discouraged, it just challenged me to build relationships with people out on the road as an indie artist and I loved it. Then one day, I changed my prayer from, ‘Lord, please open these doors’ to ‘Lord, whatever doors You open, I’ll go.’ And now, here we are! I’m not only thankful to be part of the Integrity family as an artist, but also just as a girl whose been through some tough stuff… to be surrounded by people who welcomed me in, walked with me in the writing of this record, and just encouraged me to be myself. I am overwhelmed with gratitude…” Recently signed to Integrity Music, singer/songwriter and worship leader Alisa Turner has not had an easy road to success. From suffering a debilitating illness and trying to overcome that, to losing her infant son, and all of the emotions that come with that devastating ordeal, to being so close to signing with Gotee Records, and that deal falling flat; Alisa’s life is anything but normal. But through everything, God is still her and God is still faithful, even when Alisa thought that her music career wouldn’t go anywhere. As the fruit of Alisa’s labours is now evident with her six song self titled debut EP, being released a month and a half ago. While at the time I hadn’t heard of Alisa music prior to the announcement of this EP, watching her cover videos and her testimony made me appreciate her music a whole lot more- I reckon that while it’s probably one of the most underrated EP’s this year, it’s probably one of the most needed and necessary. So I guess you all should hear what Alisa has to say in this 30 minute EP. You will definitely be blessed and encouraged.

Alisa’a debut single “My Prayer For You” immediately sticks out in my mind when glancing at the tracklist. Driven by stirring keys, Alisa’s declaration of hope, promise and encouragement is sure to brighten anyone’s day, as she fervently cries out, praying ‘…may God give you eyes to see, He’s still greater, courage to rise and believe He’s able, may God be your peace in the fire you’re walking through, this is my prayer now, this is my prayer for you…’– and this is definitely something we ought to strive to believe if we don’t already. That God is indeed our peace in every situation, that He has given us eyes to see and the faith to walk out the prophesies He has laid out before us in our path. Though these are eternal truths that Alisa has spoken over us, and are no less true if we believe them or not; Alisa proclaims them over us nonetheless and asks us to believe that it be true, so that our mindset is changed as we are worshipping God in every circumstances, knowing that Jesus is with us, in our corner no matter what. What a brilliant single to impact the world; kudos to Alisa and Integrity Music for “My Prayer For You”.

The rest of the album is just as poignant and compelling as Alisa’s debut single. EP opener “Lift My Eyes”, co-written with Michael Farren, is an earnest, honest and inspiring worship melody, driven by vibrant keys, as Alisa passionately reiterates that Jesus is the One who provides us our help and everything, that ‘…I will lift my eyes to where my help comes from, I won’t be afraid, I won’t be undone, You’re more faithful Lord than the rising sun…’; while the sombre, reflective and ethereal piano led ballad “Not Even Now” focuses on the unchanging truth that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever, and that especially in the darkest times, Jesus is still to be relied upon, and to be declared faithful. As Alisa authoritatively highlights the fact that ‘…not even now are you defeated, not even now are we alone, not even now are you less than Almighty God…’, we are presented with the ever true reality of God being constant, a notion that is desperately needed especially in this time of global political turmoil.

“More Than Going To Make It”, led by pulsating drums and explosive guitars, is a CCM-esque radio friendly medley, that points out the notion that we as Christians are going to make it through this life, because of Jesus and what He has done for us, while Alisa delivers probably the EP’s standout song in the hymn like piano prominent “As It Is In Heaven”, which I’m certain will be a radio hit in the future and/or a staple on Sunday morning worship services in the coming months and years. As Alisa eloquently sings out God’s praises, she reiterates the fact that with Jesus in our lives, the kingdom of heaven can occur on earth right now, as she cries out ‘…on the earth as it is in heaven, let it be here with us right now, where your word is fulfilled and your glory revealed, let it be here with us right now…’. The EP wraps up with the piano only “Psalm 13”, an almost word for word scripture in song telling of us surrendering fully to God, because Jesus has been good to us all of our lives.

“…I think the Lord created me this way, drawn in by the emotion that comes with music. When I sit down at the piano, He always uses it to draw me back, to awaken the dreamer, and I always leave different than when I came. I leave knowing He sees me, He is with me, He is my hope…” What more can I say about Alisa Turner’s self-titled label debut EP? That I wish it was longer in duration and in number of tracks? Really, that’s the only thing wrong with it- Alisa’a passion for Jesus and prowess as a songwriter and worship leader is one of the best in the industry right now. So enough from me. Dive in, and listen to high quality worship leading and songwriting. Alisa Turner EP is one of my favourite worship EP’s of 2017. Well done Alisa, I can’t wait to hear more of your inspiring, honest, poignant and worshipful future material in the coming weeks and months!

3 songs to listen to: Not Even Now, My Prayer For You, As It Is In Heaven

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Leeland, Bethel Music, All Sons And Daughters, Paul Baloche, Michael W. Smith

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