Aaron Bucks – California (Single)

BEC Recordings

Release Date: May 11th 2018

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

Aaron Bucks– California (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. California

When BEC Recordings signed Aaron Bucks, and released his song “California” in May this year, I was literally scratching my head. Not because the artist is bad- it’s quite the opposite- Aaron’s new single is super catchy and has a positive, inspirational message. But compared to other artists on the label such as Kutless, 7eventh Time Down, All Things New, David Dunn, Stephen Christian and Matty Mullins (to name a few); Aaron’s singer/songwriter acoustic offering seems out of place at first. But a deeper listen reveals to us a thought-out track that is sure to win over many listeners, as we remember that Jesus is always for us, like the sun that is shining down on California. A deeper listen reveals that BEC Recordings have signed yet another star in the making!

With a Caribbean atmosphere and a summer-y vibe, the track is led musically with heavy synth and laid back gang vocals, adding depth as Aaron ardently relays to us that ‘…like the sun over California, I’m always gonna be there for ya, here’s my shoulder, you can count on me…’. With the lyrics sounding like it’s God singing to us, or a friend to another friend; either way it’s very encouraging as Aaron inspires us to be there for our neighbours and be Jesus to everyone, as we love those around us like we love ourselves and like we love God.

There’s nothing really much I could find about Aaron Bucks on the internet. No long bio, no quote, nothing except for the digital links of “California” on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify. While I’m not really sure of Aaron’s story about how he came to Christ or how he came to Christian music, this song, though short at 2 and a half minutes, is punchy and needed, as we remember that God is with us and for us, and so are friends and family, at all times- especially whenever we are in a tight spot. Though I’m not sure when Aaron will release a debut album; until then we should listen to this track, and marvel at the fact that the God who made the heavens, loves each of us so much- and it is indeed mind boggling, and will take ages for us to fully comprehend. Well done Aaron for a compelling debut single, and a track that I’m sure will be impacting the country and the world in the months to come!

Score: 4/5

RIYL: Jonny Diaz, Unspoken, Jimmy Needham, Chris August

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