The Young Escape – Love Me Like You (Single)

Capitol Christian Music Group

Release Date: July 20th 2018

Reviewed by: Joshua Andre

The Young Escape– Love Me Like You (Single) (Amazon mp3/iTunes)

Track Listing:

  1. Love Me Like You (feat. nobigdyl)

“…I’ve always found that it’s a love that never runs away when things get hard. His love stays because He never breaks a promise & He never will. Way before I was acceptable, He chased after me. He knows my failures & my secrets. He knows the emptiness & the struggles I face in life, and yet I get to stand on His perfect, real love that never ends…” Did we really think that we’d get a near-flawless third single after “Good Life” and “Neverfade” from The Young Escape? Surely the band would have a ‘sophomore slump’ by now? Well, despite what society says, that a band is destined to fail some time; that time isn’t now. Yep, The Young Escape is back again and doing what they do best by creating heartfelt and inspiring melodies for the soul. So…if you haven’t read my glowing reviews of the sibling quartet’s debut label single “Good Life”, nor “neverfade”, then you can check them out here and here, but basically, I have Jesus Freak Hideout to thank, for introducing me to this passionate band of young believers, striving to make God famous through their relevant and catchy pop tunes. Comprising of siblings Ryan, McKenna, Kyrsten and Luke Johns, The Young Escape is definitely a group destined for greater things, and an up and coming band that you would definitely want to check out and keep an eye on in the future, as we are wowed more and more, and blessed by these inspiring musicians. This time around, the band have recently released their brand new single “Love Me Like You”, and with a rap from nobigdyl in the middle of the song also; these young men and women of God have shown us to expect the unexpected, as they spread God’s love to the nation and beyond.

Similar in genre to their first two singles, “Love Me Like You” is littered with electronics and a synth undertone, as lead singer McKenna earnestly imparts to us that Jesus can handle anything thrown at Him, even our failures and trials. Also reminding us that ‘…even in the middle of the night, even when my heart can’t see the light, I could find a million reasons why it’s true, even when the oceans pull me out, I know that You’re with me even now, You’re the only love I’ve found that’s true…’, we are presented with an honest and authentic declaration of encouragement, that even if everyone in the whole wide world turns their back on us; Jesus won’t, and He will forever be in our corner, loving us like He always does. With the melody being highly infectious and poppy, there’s no denying the heart of these four brothers and sisters, while up-and-coming rapper nobigdyl’s short but punchy rap is a welcome addition and has me nodding and shaking my head up and down, just because of how good it is!

“…I think the more we understand God’s love, it makes us unstoppable because we never have to depend on people or on our circumstances to fill us up. So, for all of the broken situations in life that don’t make sense, and for everything that’s fallen out of place, know that you haven’t fallen out of God’s love & that you never will. Nobody’s gonna’ love you like Jesus…” In my opinion, if you mesh together Hillsong Young And Free, Bonray, Cimorelli, Lauren Daigle, OBB and Dara Maclean, then you get this band, vocally, lyrically and musically. That’s pretty impressive alone, to be compared to each of these inspiring and world changing groups and artists, yet The Young Escape are their own band and have their own sound as well- and that’s about it. There’s nothing much more that I can say about “Love Me Like You”, “Never Fade”, and “Good Life” before that. Except you need to hear these songs now. The perfect track to get you dancing (with also a positive message!), and think about the deeper things in life, The Young Escape are a band that I expect to hear more from in the coming months and years. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the band and let me know what you think of this new bouncy and joyful single! Shall we say- debut full-length album in the future, or a debut EP?

Score: 4.5/5

RIYL: Cimorelli, Bonray, TobyMac, Hillsong Y&F, Lauren Daigle, Dara Maclean, Group 1 Crew, Riley Clemmons

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