Top 10 ___: Top Ten Music Videos of 2014!

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Welcome to the latest instalment of our most recent blog series Top Tens, which is posting roughly every Sunday/Monday, Australian time. Last week we talked about our top 10 favourite bowling performances of Australians in test cricket matches over the past 10 years.

We are taking a break from the series of top ten cricket batting and bowling moments, and now we are going to be delving into our top ten favourite music videos of 2014!

So without any further ado, I will dive in, and talk briefly why I love these music videos, and can watch them again and again! These videos are in any order!

TobyMac- Speak Life- One of my favourite songs from his Eye On It album, TobyMac has released his video this year for “Speak Life”, and the song speaks volumes as it is about the power of our words to speak life into our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and our non-Christian friends and family. Probably the most pop song Toby has recorded, Toby has reminded us that our words to others has immense power, and that we should use our words to speak life rather than tear each other down!

Skillet- Not Gonna Die- I’ve never really been a fan of Skillet until their most recent 2013 album Rise, but that album made me a ‘Panhead’! Their song “Not Gonna Die” was filmed as a simple music video, with John Cooper and co rocking out against a plain white background, but their intensity and passion for Jesus evident in this video, as well as the lyrical content about standing up for your beliefs and fighting for our faith, and not compromising, makes the video all the most enjoyable and special!

Jamie Grace- Do Life Big- 21 year old Jamie Grace, was found as an artist by TobyMac and signed to his label Gotee Records in 2011, and took the world quickly by storm with the hit song “Hold Me” off her debut album. In this energetic, upbeat and acoustic guitar led music video, featuring Jamie and her band performing against a white background with paint and dust flying around, we are met with a fun and entertaining atmosphere, as Jamie also includes fan videos of people ‘doing life big’, including Natalie Grant and actress Bailee Madison! Encouraging us to live life to the fullest and draw people to Christ as we live for Him, Jamie reminds us that living for others and not for ourselves is worth the sacrifice of not living a life of self-gratification.

Danny Gokey- Hope In Front Of Me- Probably one of the most emotional, honest and personal songs of the year, Danny Gokey’s song “Hope In Front Of Me” was inspired by his wife’s death back in 2008. There are 2 music videos released for this heartfelt and stirring single- and the video for the fan video complied with footage from the first music video and fan submissions as well, is one such video that brilliantly encompasses the concept of hope. Danny’s enthusiasm, faith, desperation, hope, and encouragement is all evident here, as he reminds us all that there is hope even in the times when we need it the most!

Lincoln Brewster- Made New- Probably the most CCM and pop sounding song of his whole career, Lincoln Brewster’s pop/rock tune still has a worshipful heart, and his music video depicting people with struggles and them overcoming their trials, is an inspiring and moving video, and it also helps that there’s a catchy beat attached as well! Borne out of his wife’s cancer and subsequent remission, this is a song that encourages us to own the assertion that we are made new in Christ, and that Jesus is the one who can remake us into who He wants us to be.

Newsboys- We Believe- Another version of the Nicene Creed, Newsboys have covered this heartfelt and poignant melody essentially about the gospel. This is a video that I don’t really have words for- it’s that good that it leaves me speechless; and there is a Holy Spirit anointing on the song as well, as we hear the true words that we believe in God the Father, in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, that He’s given us new life, in the crucifixion, that He conquered death, in the resurrection, and that He’s coming back again!

Rend Collective- My Lighthouse- Irish folk band Rend Collective’s single “My Lighthouse” is also included here, as Chris and co. sing about Jesus love, comparing it to a lighthouse guiding us safe to shore, guiding us through the storms of life like Jesus calming the storm in the New Testament. Injecting a moment of sheer enjoyment and fun into the album, as can be seen on the boat in the video; we are met with soft acoustics and earnest vocals (and also the very unique jingling jolly played by Garth), as this acoustic song gives us courage and reason to declare than even in the toughest of times and the hardest of situations, that Jesus is our refuge whenever we call His name, even when we don’t feel like we’re worth saving. There is an abundance of new and unique instruments, yet the Northern Irish band still maintain their identity as a band in Jesus, sounding slightly more musically mature in this album, and giving glory to God through everything they do.

Royal Tailor- Ready Set Go- The pop/rock/dance/electronic band Royal Tailor released their sophomore album in 2013, and also unveiled 2 music videos of their smash hit “Ready Set Go”. Video #1 was a one shot video with the band standing in a black room in different positions. But it was the second video, of the band playing in a high school, with dancers abound, that made me really love the song! Featuring the remixer duo Capital Kings on guest vocals in the bridge, the song speaks about standing up for what you believe in, and starting a revolution as we spread God’s love, with the lyrics remind me of The Great Commission, where Jesus told us to go out into the world and share the good news about His death and resurrection. The title of the song creates a sense of urgency, and for me, this eclectic and different track is exactly the kind of song that spurs us to take proactive steps, out of our comfort zone, and into the spheres of influence that God is calling us into.

Steven Curtis Chapman- Glorious Unfolding- One of my favourite male vocalists, Steven Curtis Chapman has had a gruelling yet career defining last few years, as his latest album The Glorious Unfolding is his first since the death of his daughter Maria. The result is an album full of hope and also reflection, as Steven reminds us of the security we have in Jesus even when we think life’s struggles are too hard. The video tells a story, as we are met with a woman travelling overseas after her father’s passing, and finding tangible expressions of her father’s love for her, and this video is such an emotional and honest portrayal, and yet also a glimpse of Jesus’ love for us. With an epic like crescendo led by the serene piano, pulsating drums and captivating vocals (that would not feel out of place in a blockbuster movie or a high end orchestral piece), as well as a glorious finish that’s very pleasing to the ear; we are presented with the idea and notion that God is using our lives and the events to tell a broader story that only He knows. It’s an eternal story that’s bigger and better than we all could imagine! God truly has used Steven’s story to glorify Himself, and Steven is proof enough that God is working amongst and orchestrating events for us.

John Waller- Orphan- One of my favourite songs of 2014, singer/songwriter John Waller is famous for his hit songs “Still Calls Me Son” and the confronting melody “While I’m Waiting”. With “Orphan” being the first song from the new album that I became aware of, the emotional and spine-tingling track speaks about being adopted into God’s kingdom and being made a heir to the throne in the heavenly realm, yet also delves into orphans in the physical realm, reminding me of verses such as James 1:27 and Matthew 25:31-46. Though opening up one’s home to children for an extended period of time, may be some people’s calling (like John himself, who has 9 children, and Steven Curtis Chapman, who has 6), others may not feel God calling them to this area and that’s ok. The music video shows a family with many adopted children, as well as John playing a piano in the middle of an open field, and you cannot not be welled up and touched after listening to this Holy-Spirit anointed anthem!

Honourable mentions: Francesca Battistelli’s “When The Crazy Kicks In”, Manic Drive’s “VIP”, Sidewalk Prophets’ “Keep Making Me”, About A Mile’s “Satisfied” and NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Multiplied”!

So there you have it, my top ten favourite music videos of 2014. So, what are yours? Let me know so that we can compare and have a healthy discussion!

Next week we’ll be talking about bowling performances by Australia in an ODI!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 ___: Top Ten Music Videos of 2014!”

  1. Yep, as you can see how I referenced in the featured photo at the top, Building 429’s “Press On” just missed out on my 15 top favourite music videos (that’s why the video isn’t in this installment of Top Tens!)

  2. Great list, Josh. Although my top 10 (and honourable mentions) would be slightly different:
    Honourable Mentions:
    Stars Will Fall (Philippa Hanna)
    Keep Making Me (Sidewalk Prophets)
    Hope in Front of Me (Danny Gokey)
    Come Back to Life (Kerrie Roberts)
    All I Have (NF)

    Top 10:
    1. Glorious Unfolding (Steven Curtis Chapman)
    2. That’s How You Change the World (Newsboys)
    3. Lazarus (Bellarive)
    4. Ready, Set Go (Royal Tailor)
    5. Without You (feat. Courtney) (for KING AND COUNTRY)
    6. Love on the Radio (the Walls Group)
    7. More of You (Colton Dixon)
    8. We are Brave (Shawn McDonald)
    9. Fireblazin’ (Capital Kings)
    10. Bonfire (Building 429)

  3. Good list Josh, and Jonathan!

    My list would be.
    10. Ellie Holcomb, Marvelous Light
    9. Switchfoot, When We Come Alive
    8. Building 429, Press On.
    7. Disciple, Radical
    6. For King & Country, Without You, (that brought me to tears)
    5. Mike Mains and the Branches, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
    4. Wolves at the Gate, Relief
    3. Needtobreathe, Multiplied.
    2. John Waller, Orphan.
    And my number one…..
    1. Needtobreathe, the Heart.

    Yeah, I love Needtobreathe!
    God bless guys!

  4. My top 10 list would be:
    1. Francesca Battistelli – He Knows My Name
    2. NeedtoBreathe – Multiplied
    3. Royal Tailor – Ready Set Go
    4. Jamie Grace – Do Life Big
    5. Rend Collective – My Lighthouse
    6. TobyMac – Speak Life
    7. Francesca Battistelli – When the Crazy Kicks In
    8. Shawn McDonald – We Are Brave
    9. Fk&C – Without You
    10 MercyMe – Greater(I know it just came out today but I couldn’t let it go) 🙂

    I’m going to check the other ones listed by you guys that I haven’t watched before.

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