Throwback Tuesdays, Sentimental Saturdays and Top Tens- Top 20 Third Day songs ever!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while (at least in other blog series, while I methodically and steadily work on Flashback Fridays every week!), so let’s dive back into these ‘dormant’ blogs. And what do I have this week, that is so momentous and significant that it requires me to write a post, with the subject matter being relevant to three blog categories?

If you haven’t been online today (but you guys probably have!), then you may not know that CCM/pop/worship/rock band Third Day are calling it quits. They are retiring, and embarking on a Farewell Tour, for the entire month of June; and then the former members Mac Powell, Mark Lee and David Carr are undertaking new adventures that God has laid out for them. For David it is photography, and as for Mac and Mark, both have developing and equally exciting solo careers in the making. And while it is sad that the group has disbanded, I will delve into more of my thoughts and feelings on the band, and Third Day albums that impacted me the most, with next week’s Flashback Fridays post. So now, without further ado, as the band’s impact on my life is so profound and inspiring, that it is also sentimental; I’ll provide you all with a list of my favourite Third Day songs ever! Check them out below, and their discography on iTunes!

1. Cry Out To Jesus

2. Your Love Oh Lord

3. Revelation

4. Soul On Fire

5. Your Love Is Like a River

6. Let There Be Light

7. Your Words

8. Tunnel

9. Surrender

10. Children Of God

11. Come Together

12. Creed (Rich Mullins cover)

13. Thief

14. I’ve Always Loved You

15. Lift Up Your Face

16. Consuming Fire

17. King Of Glory

18. Trust In Jesus

19. I Believe

20. Call My Name

5 songs that missed out- Nothing Compares, My Hope Is You, Victorious, Sing A Sing, Mountain Of God

What are your favourite Third Day songs? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for Flashback Fridays next week for my thoughts on both Revelation and Wherever You Are from Third Day!

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