FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: INTRODUCTION- A Year Long Exercise into the 52 Most Impacting Albums in my life thus far!

Have you guys ever stopped and just wondered, thought about the age of all the music you currently consume? I mean, let me break it down for you if you’re feeling confused. If you look at a sample size of around 10 random songs from your iTunes or Spotify or whatever music streaming device you listen to, what percentage of tracks would be from 2010 onwards? Maybe around 90% I reckon… But what percentage would be from 2017 onwards? 50%? Why is this the case? What  is it about people these days that think ‘oh, it’s pre 2017, I’ll skip this song and listen to something more recent (and better!)’?

The fact is… I don’t know. And for me to try to get into the minds of people, and come up with a reason, and also solution to us being bored with music in general, and always wanting to hear the latest song; would take a long, long time, across several posts. Frankly, I’d imagine if I did that, and tried to write an exposition, you’d be frustrated, and bypass this post, and other posts similar, even if the message of what I’m trying to communicate, is something we all need to hear. So instead I will say this.

Though it’s more than ok to keep up with the latest music and listen to the latest artists and songs, I reckon if you do that at the expense of other hit tracks from the 80’s and 90’s and 2000’s, or even a hit song from last year, then that could start to be worrying. We may be more of a consumerist than we think (discarding a ‘new’ song even after a week, to hear the latest track, then the cycle repeats itself!), and how do we stop this slide?

It’s not easy, there is no answer, and we’re susceptible to this too. I mean, at this site, we have reviewed the latest albums (which you can view here!), and while that’s a good thing, I have recently started wondering why we haven’t, and why don’t review albums from 5, 10 years ago, or even longer? Or even if it’s not a review, just voice our thoughts and opinions for a few paragraphs, and tell the story of how ‘album such and such from this year’ impacted our lives in many different ways? Do we deem albums pre 2010, or even pre 2017, not worthy enough to have an extensive post written about it, because it’s ‘old’ and not current?

This year, I have decided to write something bold, something courageous, something daring. Something sustained, something every week, and something that will hopefully at the end of it all, will change my outlook on music forever. ‘Flashback Fridays’ is something I just thought of today, but it’s nonetheless very close to my heart. (Let’s pray this doesn’t become like all of the other blogs we’ve started but haven’t been successful in posting on a regular basis…)

For the next 52 posts (for the next year or maybe just less than that), I will write my thoughts, and opinions (not a review per se) of 52 albums that I have found influential in my life thus far, and how these albums have shaped me to be the person I am today. With albums spanning quite a few decades within my list of 52, you guys are in for a treat as you hopefully join me for a yearlong ‘project’ if you want to call it that, as I delve into which albums impacted me in which area of my life (and in some posts, I may elaborate further, with a specific example on how a certain album or song has impacted on a certain pivotal event in my life…).

It’s a time for me to be vulnerable, through me showing you the music that speaks to me the most- and at the end of the 52 ‘mini-reviews’, I can hopefully give you all a bit more insight into how music has impacted and shaped my life, and hopefully remind you all that an album isn’t bad by any means if it’s made in the 20th century. And vice versa- an album may not be fantastic or even good, just because it’s just released in the past year, month or week. So who’s with me? Ready to embark on an adventure and find out more about who I am as a person? Ready to learn more about myself and which songs helped me through trials and tribulations? Let me remind you, that each post may have a different layout, it all depends on how God leads me when I’m writing each post. Anyway, see you all next week, and below, is the list of 52 albums that I plan to dive deep into.

  1. Arriving (Chris Tomlin)- 2004
  2. New Map Of The World (Paul Colman Trio)- 2002
  3. Jesus Freak (dcTalk)- 1995
  4. Into The Light (Matthew West)- 2012
    1. Into The Light (Matthew West)- 2012
  5. R.I.O.T. [Righteous Invasion Of Truth] (Carman)- 1995
  6. Wherever You Are (Third Day)- 2005
  7. Move (Third Day)- 2010
  8. Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman)- 2005
  9. Woven And Spun (Nichole Nordeman)- 2002
  10. The Generous Mr Lovewell (MercyMe)- 2010
  11. Almost There (MercyMe)- 2001
  12. The Beautiful Letdown (Switchfoot)- 2003
  13. Diamonds (Hawk Nelson)- 2015
  14. Born Again (Newsboys)- 2010
  15. Response (Phil Wickham)- 2011
  16. The Light Meets The Dark (Tenth Avenue North)- 2010
  17. Live Like That (Sidewalk Prophets)- 2012
  18. Casting Crowns (Casting Crowns)- 2003
    1. Casting Crowns (Casting Crowns)- 2003
  19. The Struggle (Tenth Avenue North)- 2012
    1. The Struggle (Tenth Avenue North)- 2012
  20. Restart (Newsboys)- 2013
  21. Beauty Will Rise (Steven Curtis Chapman)- 2009
  22. The Glorious Unfolding (Steven Curtis Chapman)- 2013
  23. All In (Matthew West)- 2017
  24. King Of Fools (Delirious?)- 1997
  25. This Is Not A Test (TobyMac)- 2015
  26. Overcomer (Mandisa)- 2013
  27. Gold (Britt Nicole)- 2012
  28. Life Is Beautiful (The Afters)- 2013
    1. Life Is Beautiful (The Afters)- 2013
  29. On Fire (Peter Furler)- 2011
  30. Listen To The Sound (Building 429)- 2011
  31. How Can It Be (Lauren Daigle)- 2014
    1. How Can It Be (Lauren Daigle)- 2014
  32. Go (Newsboys)- 2006
  33. All In (Stellar Kart)- 2013
  34. Brave (Moriah Peters)- 2014
  35. All Things New (Steven Curtis Chapman)- 2004
  36. Crave (for KING & COUNTRY)- 2012
  37. Come To The Well (Casting Crowns)- 2011
  38. What If We Were Real (Mandisa)- 2011
  39. The Cutting Edge 1&2, 3&4 (Delirious?)- 1996
  40. The Story Of Your Life (Matthew West)- 2010
  41. The Spirit Of Christmas (Michael W. Smith)- 2014
  42. Christmas Stories: Repeat The Sounding Joy (Jason Gray)- 2012
  43. Chain Breaker (Zach Williams)- 2017
  44. The Things We’ve Been Afraid To Say EP (Tenth Avenue North)- 2018
  45. Wildfire (Rachel Platten)- 2016
  46. Blown Away (Carrie Underwood)- 2012
  47. Smoke And Mirrors (Lifehouse)- 2010
  48. What To Do With Daylight (Brooke Fraser)- 2003
  49. Vice Verses (Switchfoot)- 2011
  50. From The Saltland To The River (Paul Colman)- 2012
  51. Unbreakable Smile (Tori Kelly)- 2015
  52. Freedom (Michael W Smith)- 2003
  53. The Greatest Showman Acapella (Peter Hollens)- 2018
  54. Mobile Orchestra (Owl City)- 2015
  55. If I Has One Chance To Tell You Something (Rebecca St James)- 2005
  56. Adoration (Newsboys)- 2003
  57. Today Is The Day (Lincoln Brewster)- 2008
  58. Strong Tower (Kutless)- 2005
  59. The Invitation (Meredith Andrews)- 2008
  60. The Writer’s Collection (Paul Baloche)- 2008
  61. Beautiful News (Matt Redman)- 2006
  62. A New Hallelujah (Michael W. Smith)- 2008
  63. Glo (Delirious?)- 2000
  64. Back To The Start (Martin Smith)- 2004
  65. Hope In Front Of Me (Danny Gokey)- 2014
  66. Something To Say (Matthew West)- 2008
  67. Lifesong (Casting Crowns)- 2005
  68. The Same Love (Paul Baloche)- 2012
  69. While I’m Waiting (John Waller)- 2009
  70. Bebo Norman (Bebo Norman)- 2008
  71. Hundred More Years (Francesca Battistelli)- 2011
  72. Awaken (Natalie Grant)- 2005
  73. Mission 3:16 (Carman)- 1998
  74. Declaration (Steven Curtis Chapman)- 2001
  75. New Day Coming (Steve Grace)- 2001
  76. Tonight (TobyMac)- 2010
  77. Light Up The Sky (The Afters)- 2010
  78. How Can We Be Silent (BarlowGirl)- 2007
  79. Comotose (Skillet)- 2006
  80. The Altar And The Door (Casting Crowns)- 2007
  81. Smoke And Mirrors (Lifehouse)- 2010
  82. We Can’t Stand Sitting Down (Stellar Kart)- 2006
  83. The Reckoning (Needtobreathe)- 2011
  84. Different Kind Of Free (ZOEgirl)- 2003
  85. On Fire (Peter Furler)- 2011
  86. Five Score And Seven Years Ago (Relient K)- 2007
  87. Pieces Of A Real Heart (Sanctus Real)- 2010
  88. When Silence Falls (Tim Hughes)- 2004
  89. Heart Beats (Dami Im)- 2015
  90. The Lost Get Found (Britt Nicole)- 2009
  91. Up At Night (Cimorelli)- 2016
  92. Music Inspired By The Story (Various Artists)- 2011

Note: As the weeks go by, links to each of the 52 posts will be present in the list above, so bookmark this page as your favourite if you want to.

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