Sunday News Roundup (26th May-1st June 2014)

news roundup week 5

Here’s the next installment of “Sunday News Roundups”, this time from the 26th May to the 1st June. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

  • Bread of Stone, Newsboys, Kari Jobe, Austin Adamec, Sidewalk Prophets, and Chayah Miranda have all released music videos: (Goodbye World, We Believe, Let The Heavens Open, My Only Answer, Give It Up For 7Up, He Loves Me); which videos this week are your favourites?
  • There’s also a few lyric videos too- including Philippa Hanna, Crowder, and Plus One (New For Old, You Are, Hands of Love, My All); which are your favourites?
  • iZombie and The Messengers both have trailers (hand held!) that have released, what do you think fo them? These shows debut in 2015, so I’m sure better trailers will surface as time progresses
  • Chasing Life, the new ABC Family drama debuting in mid-June, is now available online, check out where you can stream the pilot!
  • The Klove Fan Awards are on in a couple of days, check out this exclusive song “Hope Can Change Everything” (with Francesca Battistelli, Jamie Grace, Sidewalk Prophets, Bart Millard of MercyMe, Matt Maher and Jeremy Camp) as well as a list of the performers here! Who’s excited to hear the winners being announced soon?
  • The Wrecking have a new album releasing soon, and a new singer as well; check out the details here!
  • Brandon Heath has just got married, here’s the press release (as there were plenty of guests who were CCM artists!).
  • It’s been 2 years since Miracle; so I guess it should come as no surprise that Third Day is in the studio recording for a new album! Here is a photo of the band recording with Daniel Bashtha
  • Want to know what the song “Flawless” means to MercyMe? Check out the behind the song video here!
  • Jenny Simmons is covering an Amy Grant song for her new album, what do you think it is?
  • Family Force 5’s new album Time Stands Still is releasing on August 5th; check out the press release here!
  • The Critic Choice TV Awards Nominations have been released this week; what do you think of them? Personally I don’t watch any show on that list besides Orphan Black!
  • Kari Jobe has released her giveaway, called “Let The Heavens Open”; check out the details here! Are you going to enter?
  • Have you seen the new trailers for This Is Where I Leave You or Left Behind? Which film are you intending to watch in the cinemas? Both? Neither?
  • Philippa Hanna’s “Stars Will Fall” music video is releasing soon, her is a sneak peek of it!
  • Stellar Kart has signed to Faith Artist Agency, and there’s a new album later in 2014, and an Adam Agee solo album as well; here is the details.

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