Message Mondays: Trusting God At All Times (Kutless’ “Strong Tower”)

Kutless - Glory

Welcome to another Message Mondays, and this week will be a short entry, as we delve into the theme of trusting God more, and what that looks like in our lives.

Being a reviewer and a writer, it’s natural for me to find overarching topics in albums that speak to me that I find fascinating to talk about or for random songs to pop into my head that are applicable to certain situations. Like last week, I talked about Abandon’s song “Feel It In Your Heart”, as that album was releasing in the next week, so I guess when I’m reviewing an album, there’s a lot more thought processes than what is originally expected. Today, it seemed like the theme of the most recent worship album I was reviewing (Travis Cottrell’s I’m Living Proof) was the theme of trusting in God and believing that He has made a way for us, and that He is with us, regardless of the situation, whether it is dire or not. In many of the songs, Travis and his friends were proclaiming God’s unending promises, and reiterating that He is our refuge, our strong tower, and the One we can rely and depend on.

The theme of trust was also evident in Nathan Tasker’s vulnerable, emotional, personal, honest and poignant album Man On A Wire, which is the 2nd last album I reviewed. Funny how God works, right? And just today, when I was cleaning up the house listening to Pandora radio, Kutless’ “Strong Tower” came on the radio, again reminding me that Jesus is our stronghold, the shelter for the weak, and our everlasting peace at all times. Coincidence that I was reminded about this fact over the past day? Nope, I don’t think so!

See, in today’s society, there is this feeling I get that many people want to do things on their own, that they do not want to ask for help. This may be entirely false, but it’s a preconception that I am thinking is apparent, at least in Australia. We want to earn our way to the prize, and we don’t want any help, as it shows everyone else that we are weak. But Jesus says that we can come to Him, all who are weary, and that He will give us rest, and the peace that we desire, that we all are searching for.

There are plenty of verses in the Bible that remind us that Jesus is all that we need, that He is our refuge, our anchor, our Everything, and our rock and fortress- and while I will not go into detail into all of the amazing verses that depict who Jesus is, what I will say is that He loves it when we come to Him or help, and He loves it when we lay everything down at His feet and trust Him with our whole heart. It’s a true moment of surrender, that can bring us peace and serenity; that can reassure us and alleviate our stresses and fears. Believe me, when you read the life affirming verse in the Bible, every other problem will pale in comparison to what Jesus can accomplish, and our trust in God is sure to be firm as us standing on a rock!

Check out the video of Kutless’ “Strong Tower”, and let us know, is God used as your first resource or last resort, in anything? Are you trusting Him with your life, and is He your anchor when everything around us crashes and falls apart? Let us know in the comments!

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