Throwback Tuesdays: Rebecca St. James’ “Song Of Love”!

rebecca st james

Welcome to another Throwback Tuesdays post- this week we are delving into one of the hit songs from one of my favourite female vocalists.

The first female artist that I listened to, Rebecca St James has wowed me time and time again with her relatable lyrics, catchy music and inspiring messages. Rebecca St James has taken a break from recording music, as she is now a mother, however she made a surprise appearance singing with their brothers Joel and Luke, as for KING and COUNTRY sung “Without You” on a concert promoting the duo’s new album Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong, which released in September.

While Rebecca hasn’t recorded any new material since 2011, I guess if the passion and calling is still there, then God will orchestrate a comeback! Anyway, I thought it was fitting that I talk about one of my favourite songs from Rebecca, given that she has stepped into the spotlight recently with her surprise duet with her brothers!

One of my favourite songs from Rebecca is and will always be “Song Of Love”. Simple, yet still challenging, impacting and profound, this worship melody led by keys and synth, reminds us of God’s infinite qualities that deserve to be praised; the song also reminds us why we love God as well!

As Rebecca ardently and fervently gives God the praise, and eloquently sings out that all of creation gives God the praise, the honour and the glory, and that this is our song of love, I am in awe of Rebecca’s prowess as a singer, worship leader and songwriter.

Let’s just hope and pray that Rebecca steps into the recording studio sometime soon, because it would be a shame if she doesn’t release another new album. However, for now, let’s just sit back, worship God, and let Rebecca minister to your soul in encouraging worship anthems like these. Enjoy the song, and let me know what you think of it!

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