FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: WEEK 40 (Haven’t Seen It Yet by Danny Gokey)- So that particular album is in your head! Now what?

Last Friday I was trying to review several albums on my day off from work. I succeeded in part- I reviewed 2 albums (which you can view here and here!), but I was distracted for the most part. While I was reviewing these two albums, I was listening to another album. See Danny Gokey’s album Haven’t Seen It Yet released last week, and I was listening to the 13 songs. I think I listened to that album straight through about 5 or 6 times that day. I wasn’t planning on reviewing the album- and I’m still not; I’ll leave that for Jon to review!- but there was something about these songs that made me keep coming back to them time and time again. I had set aside a block of time to review many more albums that day, but what actually happened was that I ended up listening to Danny’s new album over and over instead! Why is that the case, you say? Was there some divine lesson that God was teaching me through Danny’s music, that He wanted me to see that couldn’t be found through any other music at that time? Did He want me to learn something profound to impart to you guys, or was there one particular song on that album that was relevant to perhaps at least one of your readers? Did He want me to review this album (and hence ‘steal’ it from Jon, who had claimed he was reviewing it as soon as he knew about Haven’t Seen It Yet)?

Well a week has passed, and I haven’t gotten an direct nor simple answer for you. Sure, I’ve been listening to Danny Gokey’s new project quite often- it’s been catchy and containing some relevant topics lyrically (“Haven’t Seen It Yet”, “Tell Somebody”, “Wanted” to name a few!), but for the most part, this album is still in my head, with no profound words of wisdom or knowledge to tell you guys. But then again… maybe I do have something. It’s a short pearl of wisdom. But maybe what God wants me to say is as simple as… Danny’s album is a great album that I’m positive will draw you all closer to Christ. He doesn’t mention Jesus’ name until his stirring piano led duet with Mandisa; but there’s something about the album that draws you in. While I haven’t figured out which particular event in my life, if any, that this album pertains to that God wants me to dive deep into (which I might find that out later!); I will probably leave my super-analysis of this album (not a review!) for a later date.

Danny Gokey’s got a great story- an emotional and honest one (which you can read in our reviews of Danny’s albums here!), and this makes Haven’t Seen It Yet all the more poignant and remarkable as his Capitol Christian Music Group debut. Like I said before though, listening heavily to Gokey’s third album last week meant I didn’t review several albums I wanted to, so I guess I better hop to it; but let me present you with the album below as a stream. Listen to this one week old gem of a project, and a future smash hit that I’m sure will propel Danny higher and higher. What are your favourite songs that speak to you the most?

And as I finish off probably my shortest blog ever to review some more music- let me ask you a question. What do you do when you have a song/album stuck in your head? Do you listen hoping for a revelation or do you ignore the feeling and revisit the album at a later date?

Until next time guys!

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