Best of 2014 (Part 2: EP’s, Songs and Anticipated Albums of 2015)

third day- soul on fire

Welcome to Part 2 of my Best of 2014 list. In Part 1 we looked at top albums, and here, we will take a look at top songs, anticipated albums of favourite EP’s of 2014. While I know I haven’t caught all the EP’s and listened to all the songs available at my disposal throughout the year, I hope my list will at least encourage someone to check out some new music they haven’t listened to before. Without further ado, here’s my list of EP’s, songs and anticipated album releases. Hope you all had a great New Years Day and happy listening to great EPs and great songs.

Top 30 Songs of 2014:

  1. Greater (MercyMe)
  2. Beautiful Mystery (Chayah Miranda)
  3. He Knows My Name (Francesca Battistelli)
  4. Shoulders (for KING AND COUNTRY)
  5. Calling On Fire (Bellarive)
  6. Multiplied (needtobreathe)
  7. Come Back to Life (Kerrie Roberts)
  8. More Love, Less Hustle (Jenny Simmons)
  9. With Every Act of Love (Jason Gray)
  10. No Man is An Island (Tenth Avenue North)
  11. How Can It Be (Lauren Daigle)
  12. Mess Like Me (Lindsay McCaul)
  13. Christ Be All Around Me (Leeland)
  14. Great Big Yes (Red Roots)
  15. Let It Out (Switchfoot)
  16. Sinking Ships (Josiah James)
  17. There is Power (Lincoln Brewster)
  18. Dare to Believe (Colton Dixon)
  19. To Leave It All Behind (Moriah Peters)
  20. There is Grace (Lara Landon)
  21. Sunshine (Tim Neufeld)
  22. Yes, Yes (Carman)
  23. Sun and Shield (Peter Furler Band)
  24. The Broken Beautiful (Ellie Holcomb)
  25. Lay It Down (Sanctus Real)
  26. Infinite (Kevin Max)
  27. Waterfall (Chris Tomlin)
  28. I Am (Crowder)
  29. Start a Fire (Unspoken)
  30. Crazy Faith (John Waller)

Top 10 EPs of 2014 (1-5 with descriptions/quotes):

Jenny Simmons- To Be Well

jenny simmons- to be well

With each of Jenny’s songs on the EP reminding us of our innate need in all of us to be well no matter our personal experiences, these songs encourage us to move from hurt to hope, hopelessness to healing, and confrontation to comfort as we are reminded of God’s grace that abounds every circumstance we find ourselves in. From the encouraging quasi-title track “Time To Be Well” to the powerfully covered “Lead Me On” and the confronting yet also comforting “More Love, Less Hustle”, this is a great album for anyone who loves great songwriting, from similar artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, Jason Gray, Nichole Nordeman, Lindsay McCaul or Amy Grant.

Kerrie Roberts- My Heart’s Lifted

Kerrie Robert Album art  (1)

Kerrie’s first EP release independently with material that isn’t holiday related is quite a feat, and one that continues to showcase her heart for creating music with lifelong value and emotion. While not necessarily as publicised now compared to before when she was on Reunion Records, My Heart’s Lifted continues to show us that you not need a label to be successful. With powerful truths spoken into songs that have a pop/dance edge, this set of 5 songs are sure to bless anyone who loves similar artists like Moriah Peters, Britt Nicole, Natalie Grant or Group 1 Crew.

Lex Anderson- Undone

lex anderson- undone

Have we found a gem of a singer, and a modern day Nichole Nordeman in Lex Anderson? While only in her mid twenties, Lex’s heartfelt worship reflected on the album is something mature beyond her years, a similar thing to Nichole and her own songs, all those years ago. A great album if you want to see something new, fresh, invigorating and hopefully encouraging, and something that’s out-of-the-box, compared to the continual radio airplay of the Chris Tomlins or the Matt Redmans of CCM/worship music; Lex and her solo career are certain to only increase in popularity, as these 6 songs give us a glimpse into her own world as a songwriter, singer and musician.

Jordan and Kristen Rippy- Seek You First

jordan & kristin rippy- seek you first

Both Jordan and Kristin have presented to us an almost faultless EP. While indie, their sound is nevertheless still great, and one to certainly listen to on a day of reflection, or even a day of exaltation. Perfect for both corporate and individual worship, these songs are so great that I reckon churches ought to latch on them and sing them in their churches sooner or later- hopefully they do.


nf- nf ep

NF has surprised everyone- from listeners to his music, to record labels, and everyone else in between. NF EP is a revelation- his energy infectious, rhymes catchy, lyrics encouraging and passion motivational. Full of honesty, musical ingeniousness, articulate rhyme and enjoyableness written all over the album; [NF’s] …rap style and music will continue to be the talk of the town in months and years to come- expect his name to be floating around both the Christian and mainstream industries a while yet.

Top 10 EPs of 2014 (6-10 without descriptions/quotes):

Lauren Daigle- How Can It Be

lauren daigle how can it be

HillaryJane- Stix and Stones

hillaryjane- stix and stones

Becca Bradley- Shaken

becca bradley- shaken

Veridia- Inseparable

veridia- inseparable ep

Brett Younker- Burning In My Soul

brett younker

Anticipated Albums of 2015 (5):

  1. Third Day- Lead Us Back (March 2015)
  2. Fireflight- INNOVA (May 2015)
  3. Jonathan Thulin- Science Fiction (March 2015)
  4. Kevin Max- Broken Temples (March 2015)
  5. Hawk Nelson- Diamonds (March 2015)

There you have it. My favourite 10 EP’s, 5 anticipated album releases of 2015, and favourite 30 songs of 2014. Any EP/song stand out to you? What are your favourites? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to check back in a few days to see my favourite movies/TV shows of 2014. Til next time.

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