Left Behind – Official Movie Teaser Trailer


Though I am not really a super and intense reader of fiction and non fiction books (this fact is something I am not that proud of, and will have to change in the near future!) one book series that I did read was the apocalyptic and disaster themed 12 book series “Left Behind”, with plenty of sequels and prequels.

Written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins; this popular and respected action adventure presents us with various characters (pilot Rayford Steele and his daughter Chloe Steele, reporter Cameron ‘Buck’ Williams, pastor Bruce Barnes and various others whose names escape me- I probably will read the books again pretty soon!) struggling with the notion that their loved ones and others have disappeared without a trace, also wondering what to make of this strange phenomena. Later on in the books; most of the characters have a personal encounter with Jesus, as they band together and survive thee many years left on a chaotic world ruled by the Antichrist. One of the most profound books that has shaped my Christian faith; now the first book, or more accurately the first half of the first book, is being released in October this year as a Hollywood movie.

I won’t give away any spoilers and details of what the story of the series is about (in case you want to read the books), but let me say this. This film series was made around 15 years ago, starring Kirk Cameron, and though it was popular amongst Christians, mainstream audiences views were negative towards the films. This time around, Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson, Jordin Sparks and Nicky Whelan play the pivotal characters- with a big name like Cage’s attached to the project, no doubt many non-Christians may be swayed and more interested and intrigued than before because of the filmography of the stars. It’s a wide release, so it will be in many cinemas, and as 2014 has had many Bible and Christianity themed films released already (God’s Not Dead, Heaven Is For Real, Noah, Son Of God) as well as others in the pipeline (Exodus and the TV series A.D.); it’s probably guaranteed that this film will be a hit!

Are you going to watch the film? Check out the trailer below that just released yesterday and let us know what you think!

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