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TV Thursdays: What Happens When Our Favourite TV Show Is Cancelled Or Ends?


While I have been somewhat in a creative rut recently for this particular blog, the recent full episode back orders and cancellations of many network shows this season, has had me thinking of late of a particular question that I would like to post to you all today, and delve into. Instead of me continuing to explain why non-American shows are just as important and enjoyable as American shows (I might shelve that series for a later date, I’m not sure…), I will instead ask you think revealing question? What happens when you favourite show is cancelled or ends?

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TV Thursdays (New TV Shows of 2014)

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If you know me by now through all the blog posts and reviews I have posted for 365 Days of Inspiring Media (no, I am not Josh, who usually writes for TV Thursdays, but rather his brother, Jon, who’s writing a guest post this week), you probably know that I watch a whole lot of TV. From past shows like MONK, Chuck, One Tree Hill, Eureka, Being Erica, Psych, Packed to the Rafters, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes and Suburgatory, to present shows like Royal Pains, Once Upon a Time, Parenthood, Orphan Black, Suits, Arrow, Person of Interest and Switched at Birth; television shows have always had something to say, whether it be for entertainment value, or with a message of hope, encouragement, or even a relevant issue for current society to gain from watching the show. Regardless of whatever reason you watch your favourite TV show, you gotta admit that TV show watching has been a form of education, learning, escapism, and a place where people can dream and hope.

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