TV Thursdays: What Happens When Our Favourite TV Show Is Cancelled Or Ends?


While I have been somewhat in a creative rut recently for this particular blog, the recent full episode back orders and cancellations of many network shows this season, has had me thinking of late of a particular question that I would like to post to you all today, and delve into. Instead of me continuing to explain why non-American shows are just as important and enjoyable as American shows (I might shelve that series for a later date, I’m not sure…), I will instead ask you think revealing question? What happens when you favourite show is cancelled or ends?

Yep, it’s a valid question! And your answer might be ‘Well just replace it with another show, surely it isn’t that bad, surely it’s not the end of the world!’, and that is a valid answer as well. However fans of a show can be very vocal and passionate, loving a show so much that they can’t accept it’s end or tragic demise, forever in denial and trying to feebly bring shows back, even going so far to trash other successful shows, and blame them for the failure of their own favourite show, which more than likely was dead on arrival and struggling in the ratings anyway. I have read first hand on many comments and message board on TV fan sites (take SpoilerTV for example!) comments that are irrational and somewhat degrading to fans of certain shows, all because person X doesn’t like show Y, and thinks Y’s success is the reason for their favourite show Z’s failure, and trust me, these back and forth messages are pretty intense!

It’s talk like that that can escalate quickly and become ugly, and in this day and age where people are interacting more and more online, people are also hiding behind their computers, and becoming more and more confident and set in their views, including their favourite TV shows. Personally, I think that comments can turn ugly, because people are thinking ‘so and so doesn’t know me personally, therefore I have a right to say these things’.

In this day and age when we can watch shows at the click of a button, and we are not restricted by geography, as we can always watch our favourite shows online, our consumption of shows has exponentially increased- I personally try to keep up to date with around 20 shows per week (I know, it’s crazy) and another 30-40 shows that I am way behind on. In the grand scheme of things, if one show out of a possible 50 or so is cancelled or ends, it’s not the end of the world (for me), and although I will be sad, new shows are always in development and will replace the ended and cancelled shows in terms of my enjoyment level, that’s a fact.

But recently, there have been a slew of cancellations and shows ending that I thought it would be fitting to let you all know that these are only shows. Sure the characters are relatable and the actors are your favourite, but at the end of the day, they are playing a part that in no way reflects who they are in reality. You could be attached to characters all you want, but when a show ends, I think it’s unhealthy to say 4 or 5 years later ‘but this character in 2010 didn’t deserve to bow out this way!’- What does that say about your own sociability and your real life ability to make friends?

But let’s pretend that for a minute that we all are TV addicts and watch TV all day long. It’s just a hypothetical, because watching TV all day long is practically impossible and realistically unhealthy, but I digress. If one show ends, then I would say grieve for a bit. After all you’ve journeyed along with these characters for a while and I guess it would be bittersweet to see them go. Shows like Revolution, The Tomorrow People, Suburgatory, and Almost Human were four cancellations the past season that hurt the most for me, while The Crazy Ones, Unforgettable, Trophy Wife, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Rake, Gang Related, The Michael J Fox Show, Believe and Crisis were other casualties of the 2013/2014 TV season. No doubt fans of all of these shows would be racking their brains in confusion for some cancellation decisions, and also full on grieving (with tears?) for other shows that they loved.

And this year, Manhattan Love Story, Bad Judge and A to Z were the early cancellations, while Heiroglyph, Emerald City and Mission Control were all ordered to series, but then cancelled before airing a single episode. Other shows have confirmed endings, with The Mentalist, Parenthood, White Collar, Two and a Half Men and Parks & Recreation all ending this season as well. Seeing that it’s possible that a fan could love all of these shows (and I haven’t even gone into detail of all the shows that have ended prior to 2012, which would take a while, so I’m not!) and be ‘mourning’ for all of them; what should they do, if they’re an avid TV watcher and want to latch onto another TV show? Which TV show should they choose?

I guess it’s all up to them, and they can google ‘new TV shows’ or a phrase similar to that, and will be able to read all kinds of opinions on the internet. What I can do is direct you all to the TV Thursdays index page on this site, where you can read about my favourite 20 TV shows that I am sure you will enjoy! Other than that, let me tell you quickly that new and recent shows like Continuum, Orphan Black, Wonderland (Australian TV show), Atlantis, The Flash, Arrow, Elementary, The Blacklist, Once Upon A Time, Person of Interest, Agents Of Shield, About A Boy, Resurrection, Suits and Perception are all enjoyable to watch, and each reveal a part of society and of ourselves that I think is interesting to see play out on the screen. Granted, you may not like all, some or any of these shows when you investigate and do your own research, but at least I have given you some food for thought.

Remember, many of my favourite shows have ended (One Tree Hill, Chuck, Monk, Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes, The Mentalist, Parenthood, White Collar) however I quickly found replacements, so I am sure you all will too. And just because something is cancelled or ended, doesn’t mean you can’t watch them again and again, and enjoy them for the show they were.

But I guess when a show ends, there is a wakeup call, and maybe it’s time to step out of your room, and interact with your family and loved ones. Life isn’t meant to be all about TV, and that is what I hope that you all gain from this post and other TV Thursdays posts- that you can learn you’re your TV shows, but nothing beats talking to people and learning from your own experiences. Something to think about while you browse the TV shows list on Wikipedia.

Let us know what TV show you have recently started that you would like to recommend! Til next time!

3 thoughts on “TV Thursdays: What Happens When Our Favourite TV Show Is Cancelled Or Ends?”

  1. Am I weird if I haven’t heard of any of these shows save for the Agents of Shield? Haha, as you could probably tell, I’m not a big TV watcher. My TV consists of Top Gear, Mythbusters, and anything with Bear Grylls in it. I do watch movies sometimes, but even films are pretty rare for me.
    But that’s modern TV, I have a huge history of TV shows from the eighties and nineties. I used to (and still do)love Perfect Strangers, The Hogan Family, Full House, Alf, and of course, the Brady Bunch. I do like some British comedy’s like Father Ted and Keeping up with Appearances, but I only watch them at my grandparents house 😀
    When those old comedies were cancelled, I was heart broken, but that’s what woke me up to stop watching so much TV! Now my interest has gone completely.
    Anyway, I would love to watch a bit of comedy again (the ones that aren’t filled with inappropriate stuff), what ones would you recommend?

    1. Nah you’re not weird at all, just not a big TV watcher! Like how I’m an avid TV watcher of current shows, but I haven’t really heard of the shows you just mentioned…

      As for a good comedy, I think right now About A Boy and The Goldbergs right now are the cleanest. I haven’t seen much of The Goldbergs, but it’s doing well in the ratings, and is a nostalgia show about the 80’s, so you might like it, I’m not sure. As for AAB, it’s inspired loosely by the 2002 film with Hugh Grant. There’s a bit of crude humour, but that’s because the main character is pretty immature…

      Selfie is pretty good, but that just got cancelled so… 🙁

      1. Thanks Josh. I might check About a Boy and the Goldbergs out when I get time. And yeah, those old shows were cancelled years ago, there’s still lots my parents used to love I haven’t ever heard of. I think 7 two and Eleven on free TV plays a few of the oldies like the Happy Days and Brady Bunch if you’re interested.
        God bless 🙂

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